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Hey everyone,


I guess it's time for me to say goodbye as I age out from here today


Although my time here has been short, I'd like to thank the ReachOut Team for giving me this opportunity to be a Builder. I'd also like to thank each and every one of you guys on here for making my experiences here worthwhile - you make this community great


So, what's next for me? To infinity and beyond, just kidding. I start my new volunteering role as a Mentor at a well-known organisation while I look for relevant paid work, as I slowly work on completing my Psychology degree (with the hope to become an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, and maybe pursue a career in Clinical Psychology)


Anyways, peace out dudes







Re: Goodbye

Hey @hunginc

I'm so sad to hear that you're leaving! It's been such a pleasure seeing you post on the forums, and I can see you've really grown as a person in your time here. The advice you've given has always been insightful, kind, and empathetic 💖 I'm gonna miss seeing you around on the forum, but I know you're gonna keeping growing and succeeding in your new role and in life in general!!

Re: Goodbye

Hey @hunginc , 


I just wanted to say the most massive THANK YOU for being such a wonderful builder and member of the community. I've always loved your compassionate and insightful responses and how genuine and caring you are to people who come to the community. 


Mental Health Social Work sounds like an amazing career path to work towards and I'm sure you'll make a huge impact on anyone you come across there. It's been such a privilege having you as a part of the community here and we're really going to miss you! 


Feel free to stick around for a few days to say goodbye to people etc on this thread as well - we don't expect people to suddenly have to evaporate off the forums the second the clock ticks over to 26, and it's important to be able to say goodbye!


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Re: Goodbye

Ahh I didn't realise you were leaving so soon @hunginc Smiley Sad Thank you so much for all the support you've given to the forums and best of luck in the future with your studies and everything- the new volunteering role sounds so cool btw!

Byee hunginc Smiley Sad Heart You've got this!

Re: Goodbye

Hey @hunginc !

Super devo you're heading off the forums! Happy Birthday for the other day! I hope it was an awesome one Smiley Very Happy You have been a truly brilliant builder making so many amazing threads and giving such thoughtful support to so many of our community members. I always thought your everyday threads i.e. "Triumphant Thursdays" and "Soothing Sundays" were wonderful and inspired and i'm sure they will live on!


I hope your new volunteering role goes great! Good on you getting into that, it will look awesome on your resume. And becoming an accredited mental health social worker is a really wonderful long term goal that allows you to pick up lots of great experience on the way Smiley Very Happy 

Thank you so much for all your contributions, we're going to miss you @hunginc !!! Heart


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Re: Goodbye

I will always remember your wonderful contribution to GRs and all our chats @hunginc! Smiley Happy
It's sad that you're aging out, but good luck with your new role (congratulations on getting it!) and psychology degree. I did a psychology degree too and it was hard at times, but I know you can do it.
We're going to miss you so much! Heart
Goodbye and thank you for all of the amazing work you've done on the forums!

Re: Goodbye

@WheresMySquishy @Hannah-RO @Lost_Space_Explorer5 @Janine-RO @Andrea-RO My birthday was ok I guess, but I don't celebrate it so yea, haha. I will miss you guys and this community - one of the few places I feel like I achieved a sense of belonging that I long for without having to make much effort at all. Something I call the path of least effort, haha


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