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Got a New Job: Resume Template and Resume Writing

I don't know if it's only me, but I had a hard time finding a good resume template in MS Word format and some cv writing tips, cuz every organisation has different expectations and requirements for resumes - how many pages, what to include in the resume/cover letter etc.

Like it seems is trendy to use some kind of creative resume templates. They have a good collection of resume designs, cover letter templates, ATS resume checker and some handy tips about resume and cover letter writing. 

  All of that helped me to get a new job in the marketing field.


I hope you will find it useful.


Re: Got a New Job: Resume Template and Resume Writing

Hi @cross92 and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy

It can certainly be hard trying to find resume templates, but there are definitely some great places to go to, online or offline that can help. For example there are some websites or if you're still in school or university or tafe there are career counsellors.

I'm glad that the website was able to help you, however it's against our guidelines to post links to other websites. If you'd like, you can email it to so that it can be checked first. Smiley Happy

Re: Got a New Job: Resume Template and Resume Writing

Guys, I found a great job as a programmer in a prestigious company and I meet all the criteria, but I just graduated from university and I don't have a resume. I need a very cool and high-quality resume now. I don’t know who to contact me. I have already read a lot on this site and honestly I don’t really trust all the tips that are indicated there because they contradict each other and I can’t write a normal resume for more than 2 days. What can you recommend templates for resume ?? Urgently !!!


Re: Got a New Job: Resume Template and Resume Writing

One advice you sort of touched on that was highlighted when I went to a resume workshop at my uni, was to specialize your resumes for the Job and organisation you are applying for. It might be cumbersome and take more time but it pays off and shows that you put in extra effort.