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Hello peoples! I’m making this thread because I’m struggling with being bored all the time! I am a gymnast and gymnastics is literally my only hobby but I’m actually not liking it as much as I used to..

I would like to hear all your hobbies/interests and why you like them/do them! I need some suggestions to fill in all my spare time and hopefully this thread could be helpful to other users too!

I’m just gonna tag a few but I’m open to all suggestions from anyone!

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I hope you get some good suggestions @Bananatime04 Smiley Very Happy I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s hobbies and seeing what I could try out! 


Hey @Bananatime04.
I have quite a few, but I'll try to keep them minimal...
1. Art/drawing. Keeps you busy, and particularly gets you thinking.
2. Video Games. Have fun, smashing your brother in Minecraft battle and glide!
3. Cooking (Even tho you mentioned that you don't cook for reasons I won't mention, just in case...)
4. Music/Singing/Instruments. Perfect for entertainment. But you do need the brain capacity, and be willing to learn. Even if it takes years to master.
5. Dancing. Perfect, if you want to do it professionally, or just for fun! Put on your fav song, and get groovin'!
6. Volunteer work - I go to church, so I help with worship, Kids church, Creche, etc. But there are other things you could do, to volunteer.
7. Hairstyle making. Bored with your hairstyle? Create your own style, to make you, you!
8. Craft. Make something cool as a gift! Even create a card out of your latest materials.
9. Wood work - Industrial Technology(ITD). Create something out of wood! It's really fun, esp when it's something useful!
10. Play a sport! for me, it's basketball or netball. Or even just running around!


good thread @banantime04

hmm my hobbies include:
arts and crafts- painting, drawing, scrapbooking, sometimes card making
volunteering such as share the dignity and others but i cant meantion them here
exercise=trying new things out.
i also make 'fake' holidays when im bored. so i pretend i have unlimited money and i plan a holiday like where id like to go, see, do etc
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**


My Hobbies


Reading - I find that reading books is a great escape from reality but it is also really cool going on adventures and pretending I am part of the story. I love fantasy, psi-fi, thriller and young adult science fiction. 


Journalling - I find it helpful sometimes to write down how I am feeling and what I did during the day to express myself and get things off my mind. I also tend to write a lot of "Dear "xx" which are letters to people I want to speak to but might not be able to. I write how I am feeling and what I want to tell them in the moment as if they were there and I don't hold back anything, I tell the truth. It helps clear my mind. 


Writing - I like to write stories and dot point ideas for stories I make up in my head. I get inspiration from dreams that I have. Writing is another way for me to focus on things other than real life. 


Sport and exercise- I like to play different sports like dodgeball, cardio-tennis, swimming, running, bike riding, roller-blading and dancing. I have not played a lot of sport recently except for a bit of dancing. I hope to get more active and being out in nature. 


Movies and musical theatre - Nothing takes my mind off all the awful things than the feeling of being in a cinema or musical theatre. I think it is incredible how they put everything together and that is pretty cool and inspiring. I want to see more movies and musicals now...


Video Games - I love playing party games like crash bandicoot and super mario and overcooked, humans fall flat, and then there are building games like minecraft and the sims, then shooting games like call of duty/halo and adventure games like assassins creed and skyrim and leggo star wars. I like to play these games with friends and siblings. 


Cooking - This one I don't do as often but I feel better when I eat a yummy healthy meal or dessert. It takes focus and attention and once again takes my mind off other things. 


Cleaning the house/car/gardening - Cleaning the environment and space you live in can make things not feel so cluttered. I know this can effect our mood so sometimes I go on a cleaning spree and I cannot stop until everything is clean and smelling nice. 


I hope these help @xXLexi_Lou122Xx @Bananatime04 @DruidChild 


Oh and listening to music is another big one for me. Musical sound tracks and disney are a few of my favourites. 




Video games. I love playing by myself or co-op. I'm obsessed with the borderlands series, I have some borderlands tattoos and want more.
And that leads me to my next one.

Tattoos. I like planning tattoos. looking up people's work, talking to other people about their tattoos.

Magic the gathering. I love it so much. I play it every week and have spent waaaaay too much money on cards, though I don't usually win.

Exercise. I walk and just recently started getting into the gym.

Art - Painting and photography. I really got to get back into this one.


RO (that is totally a hobby now)
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
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I've loved reading about everyone's hobbies!


At the moment mine are:

Mountain bike riding: I enjoy the sense of accomplishment as I work towards and achieve new skills, and the rush of adrenaline, and being out in nature


Going to the beach (/other natural swimming spots): I love the feeling of being in the water/ on the sand, find the coast so beautiful, and love the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea air. I swim, snorkel, body board, have recently given surfing a go and hopefully will keep going with that, walk/ sit on the shore, make sand castles, find pretty shells, pick up any rubbish I see. Something I really like about the beach is you can just be, and no one's judging you, everyone's just doing their own thing without giving you a second thought.


Watching movies/ TV shows: I like making little efforts to make it nice (make a fancy beverage or movie snacks, get really snug in pjs and blankets)


Going to op shops: I check out the DVD section, board games section, and clothes section, and have a glance round at everything else. It's so fun/exciting coming across something you love, it's always super cheap, and the experience is a bit like a treasure hunt. And I pretty much don't go to regular shops for anything but groceries any more so it cuts down on consumerism Smiley Happy 


Those are the main ones. I go through phases of enjoying drawing. Back where I used to live I had a friend I would go for nature walks with or bake with. That was good because they were activities we could easily do together with lots of time to chat. Lately when I've been cleaning or driving I've been playing music or listening to audiobooks. Playing netball's also been a big one over the course of my life, I'm still looking to see if I can find a team here though.


Those are cool @Anonymous.


Thank you all for sharing! I appreciate all your responses. I’ll give some of them a go and see what happens and see if I enjoy them.