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What a fantastic thread @Bananatime04! Here are some of my hobbies:

  • Swimming - I love the feeling of being in the water, it's exercise but you don't feel the sweat! I also love the fact that it is hard to think about anything but breathing and moving, it's very calming. 
  • Cooking - I love to cook dinner for my family, I find it really therapeutic and rewarding to make something that we can enjoy together. It also feels good to contribute to my household's chores, because my family doesn't like cooking very much and finds it kind of tedious after a long day at work, but I don't so it's a win win. 
  • Music - I have played the clarinet for 10 years, and the saxophone for 7, so I whip out my instruments from time to time and work on a few pieces. However, I know that this isn't an accessible hobby for everyone, so my other love is listening to music. Sometimes I spend time searching through Spotify for new music I have never heard before, or organise playlists for different occasions. 
  • Listening to audiobooks - I'm not a big reader, but I love listening to stories! I always pop on an audiobook when I'm travelling to work/uni, or when I am at home by myself. It makes me feel like I have company to hear someone reading to me, and I get so engrossed in the story that I forget everything else. It's a great tool to use if you don't like being alone! I never used to eat in restaurants by myself, but now I pop on an audiobook and it's like dinner for two Smiley Very Happy 


Thank you so much @queenP those are some great hobbies! You never told me you play instruments!


HERE IT IS! Ah I remember seeing this one and completely forgetting about it but now I've found it again! Smiley Very Happy

I love this thread @Bananatime04! Such an awesome topic to talk about. Gymnastics is such a cool hobby, if you're feeling disinterested maybe there's something similar to gymnastics you could try? Hopefully some of the (amazing!) suggestions in this thread will give you some ideas Smiley Happy

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx those are some awesome hobbies! Do you have any favourites? Music can be such a fantastic and rewarding hobby, as well as art and crafting! Smiley Happy You definitely have some awesome skills in art from what you've shared with us Smiley Happy

@scared01 woo more arts and crafts! Smiley Very Happy You're all so talented here! Planning "fake" holidays sounds so interesting, what have been some of your favourites?

@mspaceK gotta love cleaning! Admittedly it's not my favourite but it can definitely be so rewarding to declutter and organise and clean things Smiley Happy What are some of your favourite sports? (also YES to soundtracks/movie scores! Smiley Very Happy)

@redhead The art and photos you've shared on RO have been so amazing, you are so talented! Video games are so fun too! I don't really know Borderlands (LEGO is more my speed Smiley Tongue) but it sounds like you enjoy it! Smiley Very Happy

@Anonymous ooh mountain bike riding??? That sounds so cool! You have awesome hobbies, do you have any favourite movies/tv shows at the moment?

@queenP swimming is pretty great! I love the "exercise but you don't feel sweat", it's so true! Smiley Very Happy I couldn't get into audiobooks but they're great when you don't have the time to sit down and read, do you have any favourites?


Aww... Thanks @N1ghtW1ng!


my favourite one so far is Perth @N1ghtW1ng its somewhere ive wanted to go for a long time and this way i can travel without actually travelling but eventually i would like to go there
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Great thread idea, @Bananatime04!


I like to sing and play guitar because it's fun and I just like music in general. I also like to draw with a felt tip pen because it's a creative outlet for me, for example, I might draw about something that's going on in my life. It's a good way for to express my feelings. I also like to listen to audiobooks that I borrow from the local library because, although I do like reading, I'm finding that my concentration isn't as good anymore... there are a lot of books that I haven't finished. With audiobooks, I just listen and it's easy to get to the end if they're good. Same with podcasts!


I've never been to Perth either @scared01, but it sounds like a lovely place. I hope that one day you will be able to go Smiley Happy

@cupcakes_032 guitar is cool! Smiley Very Happy I used to play as well but fell out because I went away and didn't play for a year Smiley Tongue Do you have any favourite audiobooks or podcasts?


Soooo manny hobbiesss!! Smiley Very Happy

For me I have a few, some I engage in more than others Smiley Tongue
colouring in
polymer clay (I've made a few things, I want to do more but haven't had the time recently)
listening to music and tv series/movies and half watching while I colour Smiley Tongue (sometimes I do pay full attention to them though Smiley Tongue)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


@Bananatime04 I struggle with hobbies too! But here are some of mine:


1. Watching tv shows (this is a big one haha)

2. Exercising - I mostly go to the gym but I want to start going for walks and runs now that the weather is not so hot 

3. Cooking/baking 

4. Sometimes reading 


Hey @N1ghtW1ng Smiley Happy that's cool that you used to play guitar! were there any songs you liked to play on it?


I don't think I have a favourite audiobook yet.. the local library's selection doesn't have a lot of books on audiobook so it's kind of limited but I want to listen to 'Every Note Played' by Lisa Genova because I enjoyed reading 'Still Alice', one of her other books. I started following a bunch of podcasts on Spotify recently, I think I got too excited with all the podcasts out there haha. I used to listen to 'Life Matters', 'All in the Mind' and 'Big Ideas' and they're pretty interesting, but at the moment I'm just listening to random episodes of new podcasts I've found, whatever I feel like that day!