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Re: HOCD and if it is or not

I definitely am being very hard in myself which i think is part of the anxiety. When i am really wrestling with my anxiety usually i have a big old cry which helps me get it out. Except I'm going to try and limit this as it probably isn't healthy. I have bought myself 2 notebooks, one for the negative thoughts and one for the positive thoughts. If i am having any negative thoughts and feel the need to rant to someone i just write it all down in my negative notebook. At the start or end of the day, or after writing in the negative notebook, i write good things about myself and what i did today in the positive notebook and focus on the positives. I am also trying to limit the amount i talk about my mental health condition so i don't offload on people and push them further away from me, which i thinking will also stop myself from dwelling on it. Overall i am going to aim to be a better person Smiley Happy

Re: HOCD and if it is or not

Hey @comerfordius, congratulations! You have made some fabulous changes in the last couple of months. I really like the sound of the notebook idea, writing our feelings down is a great way for us to process them and relieve stress and anxiety, so well done!


Crying can be good for us, did you know when we cry our bodies release stress hormones and the chemical composition of tears of laughter are different from our tears from stress, thats why we feel better after having a cry! 


Keep up the good work! 

Re: HOCD and if it is or not

@comerfordius that's such lovely self-reflection! I really love the idea of writing out positive and negative thoughts in separate books, while making sure you reflect on aspects you like about yourself/ how your day went if negative thoughts have been cropping up. Heart That's such a healthy way of balancing thinking! Smiley Very Happy

That being said, sometimes having a big old fashioned cry or opening up to the people who care about you really does help too! You seem really considerate and thoughtful about how you interact with people in your life, and it shows a lot of caring and love Heart It's awesome that you're thinking about self-improvement, but I'd love to acknowledge just how compassionate and caring you are as is!!! Heart Smiley Very Happy