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HSC in 12 days

I am really freaking out right now. My HSC is coming up so fast and I just feel really underprepared. My exams all happen within a week (which is pretty fast for the HSC) meaning that I will not really have any time to do study in between my tests. I am so terrified. 

I have a lot of sleeping issues the night before exams and I am scared this will effect my performance. 

It just feels like suddenly I have no time left and that I am trapped- unable to stop the HSC coming closer and closer. 

I just can't seem to get myself into a study routine. I start daydreaming and suddenly 20 minutes have gone by. Also for some reason my legs always ache- and even when I go for walks to stretch them, nothing seems to help.


I wish it was just all over already. I am so tired.



Re: HSC in 12 days

Hey @Jardin! I'm so sorry to hear that you're stressing out about HSC. It's definitely a stressful time, and it doesn't help that it comes right at the end of your schooling. 

We do have some resources about dealing with exam stress if you want to have a look, but if you feel like you're really struggling it might be worth speaking to someone about what you're going through.



Re: HSC in 12 days

Hey @Jardin, studying for year 12 is always stressful. I really think it is because everyone wants to do well and so they are trying their best. It is all about trying your best and there are so many opportunities even if your marks are not as you hoped. I found it helpful to diminish the importance of Year 12 because it made me stress less but I still studied really hard. I just thought 'I am going to do the best I can do and if my marks are not high enough then I will find a way', no point placing such a heavy weight on myself that will make me panic. 


Remember to take breaks if you are feeling unfocused and still include time for the activities you enjoy. With the time that you have left before the HSC, can you work on a study plan that focuses on your units? I think this breaks it down into manageable chunks but also allows you to see that you are covering the components of each unit.  Do you have any friends you can chat to that are also feeling the same way? There is also this thread about exam stress with some helpful advice from some other members of the community Heart Here to listen!


Re: HSC in 12 days

Hey @safari93 and @Taylor-RO, thank you so much both for your replies.


I am feeling a bit better today. I have been through the resources on reachout numerous times throughout year 12. Watching the videos of people talking about their own experiences of year 12 has been particularly helpful. 


It's really hard for me to make study plans though. Even when I do make one, I just can't seem to stick with it. Also it takes me quite a while to construct them in the first place.


I do have friends that I talk about the HSC with. Like me, they are all just exhausted and want it to be over.


Re: HSC in 12 days

I believe in you @Jardin!!!


HSC can be really stressful, and they're so close!! It's okay to be terrified of them. Study routines are hard to build. One idea I've never successfully tried but has been recommended (and is also used by some mods to switch on their "moderator mode") is to do something before you start to study, such as brew a tea to get your head into study mode.

Other users have also given some great suggestions, were any of them helpful?


YOU CAN DO IT!!! Smiley Happy We'll be here throughout the whole week if you want to talk at any time Smiley Happy 


Re: HSC in 12 days

Thank you so much @N1ghtW1ng Smiley Happy

I definitely am feeling better now. Though I struggled at first, I have finally have created a study routine! Smiley Very Happy And I am sticking with it (well mostly anyways). I have never really created and followed a study timetable before- so it was quite surprising when I did.

I realised that everyone studies a bit differently, so my study time table will probably look different from others in year 12- and that's okay! Once I realised this I was able to create a routine that is suited to me- making it much easier to follow Smiley Happy


The HSC is so close now- only about 5 days away.

I am terrified, but at the same time I am so excited. I am almost there- and summer is almost here Heart