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Health and trying new things

Health a big issue for me I don’t no how many times I’ve tried to eat better but I’m picky my big issue is fruit and vegetables I like apples I don’t mind grapes I hate mangos I don’t mind oranges what can I do to include fruit into my everyday eating I like rAmen spaghetti pizza grill cheese etc can I include these items in my everday eating I really appreciate the help edit: I don’t like salad dressings 


Re: Health and trying new things

Heya, you mentioned liking apples? perhaps snacking on apples throughout the day to either alleviate hunger feelings or to fill you up so you have lesser portions of things you generally eat at lunch or dinner. I like snacking on nuts throughout the day they seem to fill me up. How do you feel about watermelon or strawberries? I like to have these with a yoghurt because they are so sweet already its a good substitute for chocolate or icecream at dessert time. 

Re: Health and trying new things

@Titans I can be a bit of a picky eater too; it sucks Smiley Sad thankfully I've gotten better over time - one of the things that I find helpful is to 'hide' foods I don't like when I'm making a meal. For example I used to hate capsicum, then I started dicing a tiny amount of it and incorporating it into pasta sauces and stuff. I'm now at the point where I actually like cooked red capsicum, and can generally tolerate green capsicum too.


I think it's really awesome that you're aware of your struggles and are trying to look after your health Smiley Happy

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Re: Health and trying new things

Hey @Titans!  I’ve also had issues with trying to eat in a healthy way and not sticking to it.  I actually started with carrying a water bottle around with me so I was making sure I was drinking enough.  As well as being hydrated, it’d also fill me up a bit more so I was less hungry.  It’s definitely not wise to drink copious amounts of water at a time as it isn’t great for you but can also put you off drinking water Smiley Happy.  I liked to have sips every time I felt like it and now I have a habit of taking a water bottle with me everywhere which has been a really nice change.


As for food, I found that I just tried to eat less of the bad food and more of the good food.  I found that the first time I tried to eat healthily it lasted a little while and the more I tried the longer it got.  Hopefully you can keep trying Smiley Happy.

Re: Health and trying new things

Thanks so much for the help guys! 

Re: Health and trying new things

Hey @Titans, I face a similar struggle in terms of trying to eat healthily. You mentioned certain fruits, but I'm wondering if you like/would be willing to snack on some nuts, almonds, cashews etc.? They're often my go-to healthy snack. And they seem a bit more filling than fruit

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Re: Health and trying new things

Hey there @Titans


I have gone through the same thing, and I am quite terrible at sticking to healthy eating plans. I like what @FootyFan26 said about carrying a drink bottle around with you. I do that, and that seems to work.


Have you tried adding Spinach to pasta dishes? That is like my fav way to sneak in healthy food. Also, I love homemade pizzas on pita bread with avocado on top! Regarding fruit, do you like other fruit? Like berries? They are great to snack on!

Re: Health and trying new things

Hi @Titans!
Ah I love ramen, spaghetti, pizza, grilled cheese etc as well so I've been trying to eat healthier too!
Do you like smoothies? There's so many different kinds you can try to make depending on what you like! Like berry smoothies, etc. You can hide spinach in it as well because it doesn't really have a taste.
What kind of vegetables do you like?
My boyfriend considers himself to be picky but we've been working on him eating healthier and it's definitely started to improve!