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Hey Everyone, i am back :)

Hey Everyone, im back Smiley Happy

I cant believe it was a month, feels like forever but I am back now.

A lot has happened thats for sure!

I have had a lot of tags since ive been away, so am trying to catch up but most of the convos are so far ahead I might just join back in when and where I can. I still get overwhelmed quite easily due to everything thats been happening but I am back in a better mind frame. Thank you to everyone who has been thinking of me as well, I really appreciate your time and thoughts esp where I was mentally.

Um so a quick catch up um might just do it in dot points:


  • I ended up in hospital for a few days but I dont want to go into details because it doesnt matter now, its in the past and im looking ahead and moving forwards now.
  • I have updated my safety plan with new and improved strategies, learnt more about my warning signs and even recognised my pattern that leads me into that downward spiral so im practicing catching myself In the act.
  • I have a new mental health team including a new gp, a new psychiatrist and also a new psychologist with my first appointment coming up in 2 weeks.
  • Ive had my medications re-adjusted. I am on a new one and a higher dose already (I was able to move faster while in hospital) with the plans to increase it more, I have started a new anti-psychotic to help with my visions and hallucinations, and a new anti-depressant as well. Myself and my team decided against the other medication I was on because it was causing way to much weight gain and not only was it taking what little self esteem I have but it was also affecting my pysical ailments as well. So I have quite a lot of weight to loose but have enlisted a dietician/weight management/ womens health nurse who will be guiding me along the way.
  • I have joined a womens social group that starts up next week, im nervous but excited too as I dont have any friends and would like to make some or at least start by learning some social skills.
  • Ive been self-teaching DBT skills and reading up on those strategies as well to help my with my BPD
  • I have thought about studying and was going to however I think its not the right time and I need to get my mental health more stable, and feel abit better within myself before studying.

however I have been quite unwell with severe stomach cramps and internal issues that they are still investigating. They are thinking either a stomach ulcer or possible gallstones and needing to monitor side effects etc as well atm too.


I am a do it sort of person, I like to problem solve and work out what I can do to better myself and after this last admission it was too close. I have made 3 very simple goals- one being every day I must have at least 2 self care activities and down time every single day and the second one is if I need help to reach out and not hide away from supports, the third one is to take each day as it comes, if its a bad day then focus on what I need to do to stay safe and get through the day and if its a good day then try to make the most of it by doing the things I would like to do but feel I cant on bad days.

So.. I think that is all, that is a lot to take in even for me and im living it Smiley Wink so thank you to everyone who has read this and I look forward to meeting some of our new members and also catch up with some long term members here too.



im just going to tag some members in here that have tagged me over the time ive been away, i apologise if ive missed anyone as ive had nearly 100 notifications! 


**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Hey Everyone, i am back :)

Hey @scared01 welcome back to the group. It's great to have you back.


First of all i hope everything is ok sounds like a really sh%#y time. I'm part of a mens group also and it's great fun. Don't feel nervous at all they are social groups where you get to know others and have great conversations.


If you need a chat the others and I are always around in times of need and support

I miss my friend Andy Dufresne.

Re: Hey Everyone, i am back :)

@scared01 WoW! Welcome back!


So I'm reading this with a huge smile on my face. Things have really been up and down but these are some excellent changes. You have some solid goals and plans now that just seem so well suited to you. I think the absolute best thing in the world is to know yourself and to know yourself well. The fact that you are becoming more and more aware of the warning signs to feeling worse is key! On top of that, you know what strategies could work to curtail spiralling further down. You now have what sounds like a fantastic support team that are helping to keep this all together. I love that you're going to pace yourself and focus on getting yourself well and in a better place day by day. Also, I think you'll really enjoy the social group but it's totally normal to feel a little anxious and uncomfortable at the beginning. I would suggest to just have very little expectations and just take it for what it is. Remember, of course, that the road can be bumpy and to practice self compassion when things hit a low point. I don't think I'm alone in saying that you don't have to stress about replying to everyone! 


So thank you for taking the time to provide this update and keeping us involved, it sounds like such amazing work and even though it's been more than tough, you've really come a long way. 

Re: Hey Everyone, i am back :)

im ok today @Brendos94 its been more than a bumpy ride but today is a good day. it has been realy nice outside esp this evening so ive been sitting outside on the back porch jsut soaking in the last of the sun but the nice breeze too. its so quiet atm with next doors kids and them are gone out somewhere so its stopped the yelling and screaming. 

its good to hear some feeback from the social groups, i have alot of trouble in crowds and being able to communicate properly so will be quite a challange but am looking forward to it too. 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Hey Everyone, i am back :)

hello @TOM-RO its nice to hear from you. 

yes lots of ups and downs thats for sure. was starting to get abit sick being on a rocky boat constantly but thankfully i have reached calmer waters (i had my doubts if i was ever coming back from anything at once point!) there has been lots of learning, and practicing and trial and errors to be able to reach these waters. its still abit rocky with tests and medication adjustments as well as starting new things like psychology sessions, and getting use to a new mh team, and the social group too. i have no expectations going there. i would like to make some new friends or even at least learn some social skills as i really lack in that area from being socially isolated since forever. 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Hey Everyone, i am back :)

@scared01thats intense. It's OK if it takes a bit to catch up, try not to get too overwhelmed. 


And welcome back nice to 'see'you again 

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Re: Hey Everyone, i am back :)

Hey @scared01, welcome back! Smiley Very Happy. Thanks a lot for keeping us updated Smiley Happy. I'm so, so, so happy that you've maintained a positive outlook on things, you're very inspirational in doing so. I love also the goals that you've set. I like how even though they are simple, they're very achievable. Good luck! I truly hope that things will turn all right for you in end Smiley Happy.
Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: Hey Everyone, i am back :)

@scared01 very nice I've had stuff going on tagged you in a few posts.

Re: Hey Everyone, i am back :)

Wow @scared01, that sounds like a lot! I'm glad you're doing better and taking positive steps in the right direction Smiley Happy You're a champ <3

Re: Hey Everyone, i am back :)

thank you @redhead i am still taking it easy in posting and certian topics but am more self aware when i need to take breaks as well so i reduce the risk of overwhelm before i get to that stage (unless an unexpected post comes up as it happens Smiley Happy )

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**