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Hey peeps!

I'm Aya. A transgender female looking to make friends with anyone. Times are quite bad at the moment and I do feel lonely being here because I am originally from Singapore. So if anyone wants to know more about me and have a friendly chat, I'd be more than happy to oblige Smiley Happy

Re: Hey peeps!

Hey @aya 


Welcome to! I'm sorry to hear that you're going through some tough, lonely times. Smiley Sad But we're glad that you've found us Smiley Happy


To get started, please take a look at our community guidelines. We do encourage our members to contribute and share on the forums, but with respect to anonymity and confidentiality (e.g. you can't exchange personal contact details with other members). Check out Games and Hanging Out & join in! Every Monday, we also have our Getting Real sessons where we chat about different topics each week, at 8pm. See our past ones here


If you're looking for further support, you can check out Transgender Victoria and Ausgender, who have support groups, volunteering opportunities, and referral services. 


Hope this helps and welcome! 

Stay excellent

Re: Hey peeps!

Hi there @aya Smiley Happy It's sad to hear that you feel lonely at the moment. We're all here for you if you feel like having a chat!!

Also have you heard of Q Life? They're mostly a counselling and referral service for all genders and sexualities, but they can refer you to social groups where you live

Re: Hey peeps!

Hey @aya , how has your day been today?

Re: Hey peeps!

Hey @aya welcome to Reach Out!  I bet we'd all love to learn more about you ^^ How long did you live in Singapore for?