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Hey :)

Hey guys!
As a teenage I know that challenges are all around us, there is no escaping them! going through school we learnt of mental illness, signs, symptoms, and strategies to apply if myself or someone else was going through something like depression.
Until I experienced depression for myself I learnt that what is learnt on schools is only a small snip of reality and this I found very challenging as did the many of my friends who couldn't handle it and as a result I lost!
after 2 years of constant struggle I am finally starting to get somewhere and have discovered the passion of helping other youth within my school and act as a youth support.
I don't want people to stay silent for so long like I did. I encourage you all to speak out and seek the help needed. I also offer to you my support and am always here to talk about whatever is on your mind Smiley Happy
Stay safe Smiley Happy

Re: Hey :)

Hi positive self,

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us. It's a big shame that some friends found it difficult to support you through your tough time. It's good that you did have some mental health education at school though- I dont remember getting any at school. I agree with you that a lot of the time it's not enough though.

Good on you for using your experiences to now support others- its great when people can find good outcomes from difficult times like that.

Take care Smiley Happy

Re: Hey :)

You do PDHPE for 4 years, then that's it. In that time, most school's only touch on the subject of MH (and only barely at that in some cases). It's so stupid,  especially since 2 people may have a MH issue in an average classroom.


Good for you!!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Keep it up!  


Re: Hey :)


yeah i no positive-self kinda wat u mean

ive been seeing people about my depression and all that other stuff for 1 year so far and it still is getting worse and not doing anything to help in fatc i think its the reason its getting worse oh i dunno wat to do i c people it doesnt work i c people it doesnt work 




Re: Hey :)

hey cosmyk! it's really important that you tell the people you are seeing that you feel like it is not working. They might be continuing to do the same things with you under the false impression that it is helping you. We've got lots of resources on how to get the best out of the help you are getting ( - and part of it is being really honest with them and saying "hey, this isn't really working for me"... Some people find they need a combination of formal help (like therapy and medication) & informal support (like, self help (like moodgym:, alternative tehrapies like yoga, massage, homeopathy and natropathy etc... Hope this helps, and remember to be upfront with the people you are seeing about your depression...

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