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Hi, I am new here!

Hey, so lately I have been feeling like I am always making the effort with people.. I am always reaching out and no one reaches out to me... does anyone have advice?

Re: Hi, I am new here!

Hello there and welcome (again Smiley Tongue) to ReachOut @Love123! Smiley Very Happy

Communication can be a tricky thing, among anyone. There's no set rules that make things super easy, but that doesn't mean it's impossible Smiley Happy One thing that I try with my friends is being persistent. Even if they never ask me how I'm doing, I keep asking them, I keep trying to get the conversation going and the other day, one of my friends asked me how I was doing Smiley Happy

Have you tried talking to anyone about how you are feeling?


(also, I moved your post to this section so that it is more likely to be replied to Smiley Happy)

Re: Hi, I am new here!

Hello @N1ghtW1ng

I am persistent with them, sometimes I feel too persistent haha. I understand people do get busy, I guess I just feel a bit left out, I haven't spoken to anyone but maybe I should speak to one of my friends about how I am feeling. I just dont want to be a burden on anyone 

and thank you hehe. Smiley Happy 

Re: Hi, I am new here!

Sometimes it can feel like you're being too persistent @Love123 it's good to try though. Telling your friends, or even just one, can be really helpful too. I once sent my friend a message asking if we were friends and the result ended up being a really nice conversation. I hope that yours goes well too Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, I am new here!

Yes, and I get worried about that haha... What would be the best way to bring it up? @N1ghtW1ng

and thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, I am new here!

Hi @Love123 Very good question!


Those conversations can be a bit tricky can't they. I think like @N1ghtW1ng pointed out sometimes it's just about being honest. I don't know if there's a single best way to have that conversation as everyone responds to things differently. Maybe draft something in a message so you can get it out of your head and see how you feel about sharing that with your friend then. You might also be interested in reading this article:


Good luck Smiley Happy


Re: Hi, I am new here!

Hi @Amirah-RO


that is a good Idea maybe I can do that and then maybe show them the message that I wrote out rather then sitting there on the spot trying to figure out what to say? Smiley Happy 

Re: Hi, I am new here!

@Love123 Yes, definitely! Give it a go and keep us posted on how it all pans out Smiley Happy 

Re: Hi, I am new here!

HI @Love123!
I've definitely felt this way, especially when I was in high school. I really like what the others have written, I think communicating to your friends is a really good idea. Also, some people are shy and they appreciate people like you who makes an effort and reaches out to them. I think it's really thoughtful that you make an effort Smiley Happy