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Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

Hi @Janine-RO @Hannah-RO .


I did ask my GP that but I'm also having no luck. Mindspot just tell me I'm faking it for attention & that i don't have PTSD, which is all false, I do as one of my diagnoseses and have enough proof.


I don't like Enya sorry, I'm a rock and metal person, but thanks for the suggestion. I'll check out Blue Knot.

Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

Hey @musicfan_xo 

Hearing that from Mindspot must feel so upsetting and invalidating, I'm so sorry that it happening Smiley Sad


Totally fair enough to not like Enya - no need to apologise, she is not for everyone! Sometimes listening to something else calming like rain sounds, can be soothing before bed - but I also respect that you're a rock and metal person and that might not be your cup of tea!

Let us know how you go with Blue Knot, I hope it is a useful resource for you Heart

Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

Hey everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been active on my thread lately. Nothing personal, I've just been dealing with a bit and struggling myself, and sometimes I go on other threads and/or just scroll through the forums and have moments where I don't want to talk to anyone.


Just an update for you all here. I saw my Psychiatrist on the 18th, the session was mixed. I told him about the Psychologist I saw before Christmas, how she said she'd get back to me but she never did. I emailed the Executive Assistant (she's the only one that helps me if I need something forwarded onto my Psychiatrist and lets me know his replies etc) cause I have no way of contacting him myself, but she was a bit rude and basically said it was my fault the Psychologist didn't get back to me.


A few days ago, my Psychiatrist must've contacted this Psychologist because I got a call from the Telehealth company saying the Psychologist can see me. I just said I'll think about it because I'm in a mood where I don't want to see any professionals, or be around anybody, apart from my parents because I have no choice there haha (they're kind and supportive, yes I live with them).


Anyway the Psychiatrist session was just talking about me having a bad Christmas and New Years and feeling suicidal (I'm safe), and how I still feel that way often (once again I'm safe, I don't act on stuff, I just have very intrusive, strong, dark thoughts), aswell as my depression, etc. The usual stuff really. And he kept saying how important it is that I need a Psychologist but I keep explaining that I've had so many bad traumatic experiences with them.


I saw a different GP today, this one is my GPs "Buddy Doctor" which means that if my GP is away, his office is next door so he can see my GPs patients, and stuff like that. He's an older Doctor and one of the Directors there. He was nice but he said he can't do anything for me and that I need a Psychologist also. I felt bad for wasting his time so I apologised and I said they told me at reception to see you until I can see my GP.


I don't feel like my GP is doing enough for me, mentally and with my physical pain of a bunion (I had to tell him 5 times just to get an X-Ray & Blood Test). 


Sorry for rambling everyone, there's probably more but that's all I can think of right now. I haven't booked another appointment to see my Psychiatrist yet. I asked my Psychiatrist if EMDR therapy may be helpful, he said it could work, and I asked him if he can try and see if the ones on the Telehealth company who do it could help me, and if he can contact them. I'll have to wait until whenever I see him next to find that out.


If you read this far, thank you. I appreciate it. I'm sorry for rambling like I mentioned. (No pressure for anyone to reply, I'm just tagging everyone who has responded here. I hope that's ok, otherwise mods, feel free to remove the tags).


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@Taylor-RO @Janine-RO 

Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

Hey @musicfan_xo thanks for giving us an update on how everything has been for you lately - sounds like you've been doing a lot of good work to look after yourself and get the support you need. I'm sorry you had a tough holiday period though, it is such a hard time of year and it can really amplify all the tough things you're going through, I really relate to that. Sorry to hear you've not had the support you feel you need from your GP. Are there any other good doctors you've seen in the past that you might be able to see again? 


Also, I just wanted to let you know that I understand how upsetting and deflating it is having to deal with intrusive thoughts and depression. It's such a hard thing to go through but you should feel proud of yourself for trying your best to get the help you need and being so open with us about it all. Are there any things you do that help with the dark thoughts? Maybe we can all share our tips with that...because I know you aren't alone with that struggle! 

Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

Hey @Bre-RO .


Thank you, I just give up trying to get help for myself though because I just keep getting let down. And no, there's no other good GPs in the past I've had. There was 1 good Psychologist but he's no longer a Psychologist/practicing, so I can't contact him because I've tried. Other than that, I've never seen a good Psychologist. I saw this one back in 2014-2015 but I had other things I was dealing with at the time.


No i don't really have any tips/self care/coping strategies. I struggle with that

Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

@musicfan_xo Finding a psychologist who is a good fit is hard. Out of the five I've seen so far, only two have been good in my opinion. Not all psychologists are equal unfortunately.


Have you found any self-care or coping strategies that you might like to try in the meantime?

Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

No I haven't unfortunately @hunginc 

Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

Not feeling the best mentally right now Smiley Sad

Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

That sounds really tough @musicfan_xo. How are things today? Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?

Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

@Sophia-RO no, I never do anything. It's so lonely in this town