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Hi everyone, I'm back.

Hi everyone, musicfan_xo here.


It's been a while since I was on the forums, so I just wanted to make a post saying that I'm back. However, I'll try my best to limit my time, comments, etc on here.


I won't bother tagging anyone, and I'll try to keep this as my only open thread that I have created.


I've missed everyone I've spoken to on here, and I hope to talk to some new people. I have been using my offline supports - my Psychiatrist, GP, Parent support of course, and a Social Worker. I'm in the process of finding a Psychologist but I'm having no luck.


Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hello, and also I hope I haven't upset anyone on the forums or anything like that because nothing was intentional, so I deeply apologise.


An update on me, I recently turned 21, can't do much with COVID though, it's a hard year for everyone unfortunately.


I also have a milestone, an achievement, I've been seeing my Psychiatrist for a year which is the longest I've stayed with a therapist. And I also finally have a GP I feel comfortable with. I'm on different meds that seem to be working a little but I still of course have my moments, but these meds I've been on the longest for out of any of the ones I've tried.


Other than that, please don't feel pressured to comment anyone, although it would be nice to connect with some people, old or new, but like I said that's okay. I just wanted to check in.


If you've read this and made it this far, thank you. Stay safe and take care everyone, as much as possible with the unfortunate COVID circumstances.


Thinking of all the Reach Out Mods & Users. I've missed everyone.


- musicfan_xo


Re: Hi everyone, I'm back.

Hi @musicfan_xo, I'm glad that you find a GP that you are comfortable with and being able to find those achievements in this tough year! Hope you all the best!