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Hi, looking for some advice :)


so, one thing people don't know about me is that I love to sing, When no one is around that is all I will do is sing haha. the down side though is I don't feel I have a good voice.. I have done singing lessons before and was told I had a good voice but not sure if they are just saying that... I have been thinking of getting back into singing lessons... I really wish I could sing haha...


Does any one have any tips or advice? 

Re: Hi, looking for some advice :)

Hey @Love123, great to hear that you have a hobby you enjoy, and that you are thinking of getting lessons! We all have to start our skills somewhere. I hope that I don't bombard you, but here are a couple of things to consider.

  •  Enquire around with more than one teacher, and find out what they charge, and how they accept payment (some will want payment weekly, others will invoice for an entire term, some are flexible), and find out what works best for you.
  • You will be asked to practice (and fair enough too) - make sure you look after your voice by warming up before practising, and having sufficient breaks. Also, cars are very good for singing practice (as long as you keep your eyes on the road), as nobody can hear you - good for self-conscious people like me.
  • One good way of developing your voice is to join a community choir, so enquire around. Most people in community choirs are amateurs, and probably have similar fears/concerns/insecurities as you, so its a great way to develop your confidence.

I think that's all I have to offer for now, but just remember that it's up to you whether you do it, and there is no harm in stopping lessons if you find that you don't enjoy it as well. Smiley Happy


Re: Hi, looking for some advice :)

Hey @mrmusic Thank you for replying! Smiley Happy


I may do that, I may go to the car to practise that can be my safe place hehe. Smiley Tongue

Can you get better at singing? Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, looking for some advice :)

Yeah @Love123 you can get better, you just need to be patient and don't be too harsh on yourself at the beginning. Smiley Happy


Love the idea of the car being the safe place Smiley Tongue

Re: Hi, looking for some advice :)

hello @Love123 mr music has given some good advice here

i say if that something you want to persue and join up for then go for it Smiley Happy 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Hi, looking for some advice :)

Hey! As a fellow lover of singing and current taker of singing lessons, I can't recommend that you re-engage them enough.


I'm on my seventh or eighth lesson now and I had that exact reservation; from the very beginning, my teacher showed great enthusiasm in my ability... which made it very difficult for me to believe because a) I'm me and b) because I've heard my voice on recordings and it's really nothing to write home about LOL.


At first I didn't really feel as though I was improving but on my fifth lesson, I had a major breakthrough and I could FEEL that the way I sang was much more agile and accurate, and I have a lot more confidence in my voice than I did when I started.


The thing with singing is, unless you're confident with it, you're probably not using your voice to its full potential. Lessons help you understand your voice and provide you with an environment where you're actively trying to improve and correct anything that doesn't sound quite right to you.


I can't speak as to your experience with lessons or how many you took but I went in with incredibly low expectations and, even though I haven't finished my term yet, I can safely say I'm a much better vocalist than I was at the beginning. I don't know if I just lucked out with my teacher or what but it really has been fantastic.


In short, don't let positive reinforcement of all things discourage you! If you keep at it, even you'll have no choice but to acknowledge it in the end Smiley Very Happy

Re: Hi, looking for some advice :)

That's great that you love to sing @Love123!
I wish I was good at it!
Still doesn't stop me from singing in the car and shower haha.
I really like @mrmusic and @shio 's advice Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, looking for some advice :)

@shio thank you for responding Smiley Happy

Singing is go good hey! Honestly if no one is around all i do is sing haha. 


Yeah when I did it a few years ago my teacher would say don't be scared you have a good voice and I am not tone deaf. I only stopped lessons cause I ran out of money LOL. But there is no harm going back, especially when it is something I love to do Smiley Happy 


I know what you mean, I hate hearing my voice on recording it makes me cringe haha...


Re: Hi, looking for some advice :)

@Love123 Oh yeah, it definitely isn't the easiest thing to find the money for. It's absolutely murdering my wallet actually LOL but it's been worth it!


Yeah... I have hundreds of voice recordings from over the years and they ended up on my iPod somehow - makes me cringe so hard whenever one comes on shuffle Smiley LOL

Re: Hi, looking for some advice :)

I wish I could upload a recording of me on here so you's can hear me to get feed back.. LOL Smiley LOL