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Hi everyone,

This is a place to share your hobbies or find hobbies that you could take up while we're all stuck at home or just general. A hobby I have taken up is learning poetry. 


Hobbie examples:

  • Learning a new skill - language, musical instrument 
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Dancing
  • Art journalling
  • DIY anything
  • Cooking/baking
  • Upcycling
  • Yoga
  • Photography
  • Reading 
  • And so much more

Re: Hobbies

Strength training, reading and Stan/Netflix


Re: Hobbies

@A_Friend Loving this! I just write a poem the other day for the first time in years so I relate! 


- stitching e.g. sewing, embroidering, cross stitch

- origami

- calligraphy

- blogging (I don't blog but Smiley Tongue)

- researching work/volunteering opportunities to feel productive while I wait for the outside to start moving again

- puzzles, jigsaws, online brain teasers

- walking

- aerobics (on youtube) 

- videogames

- making essential oil mixes? An odd one but my friend has been doing that

- flower pressing 

- making cards, birthday cards, manifestation or affirmation cards


Re: Hobbies

Hi Guys !


Here are some of my recent hobbies:


Playing  computer games

Netflix / Movies / Anime / Youtuve

Eating and watching my health (Counting calories)

Gardening with my dad

Cooking and baking


Social Media


Re: Hobbies

Hi @A_Friend,

Exploring hobbies has been such an important part of 2020!


Heres a few of mine:

Walking and bushwalking

Playing sport (football/soccer and touch footy)


Jewelry making 

Wire wrapping (it’s a simple metal work technique for art projects)

Painting, knitting or other arts and crafts

Video games

Making photobooks


Watchinf my fav tv shows


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Re: Hobbies

Hii @A_Friend ! It's great to see you and everyone sharing what hobbies they have taken up! ~ Smiley Very Happy

Some hobbies of mine are:
- Playing video games
- Watching TV shows/documentaries
- Playing piano
- Cleaning
- Social media and brand development