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Hocd without anxiety

Hey, I’ve been worried for a little over a year about things like Hocd and if I actually have it or not. Before I even started to worry about anything I would pull out hair day by day. Anyway let’s into the story.


I don’t really remember when it started but when it did I got so anxious with all my thoughts and really worried about everything. After a few months my mind started convincing me that I had crushes on every girl I thought was pretty which made me not want to go by any girls that I thought I had a crush on. Since then I have talked to a lot of family members and they al say that they don’t think I am gay which makes me feel a little better but still doesn’t work. Every time I have something that I think will help me stop worrying a little bit later I will start to worry. Right now my main worry is that I might be gay because I don’t really get anxiety anymore with my thoughts but I do get scared. Sometimes I do get anxiety tho. 



Does anyone have have any advice? Am I gay or is it Hocd? Sorry it’s so scarce! Thank u!

Re: Hocd without anxiety

Hey there @Kikigameslife and welcome to ReachOut,


I'm sorry to hear that things have been tough for you lately, it can be difficult to deal with anxiety and worrying thoughts. 

We have a great post in another thread by @gina-RO that might be helpful for you to read over here


When we're struggling, it can be really helpful to reach out and find support. This can be from family, friends or professional support. We have a huge list of articles on support over here that might be helpful for you to read. 


I've also sent you an email, so please keep an eye out on the email you registered with Smiley Happy


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!