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Holiday Goals


Here in Oz, most of us should be on holidays by now. Whenever Holidays are upon us, I think about how I will make the most of it. It's the holidays and you earned it so I think you can do whatever you like without apologising for it, wether you lay around and binge on TV series or go for aimless walks (I'll definitely be doing those things). I also have one important goal, that is to get back into my fitness and start feeling great about my body again. I will be doing that out of self love, so rather than loathing my imperfections, I'm going to love my body and give it the care it deserves! So please feel free to suggest some workout routines or healthy diet tips! 


What are you guys going to do or achieve in these holidays? 

Re: Holiday Goals

This post is a great idea! I always kind of forget to plan anything over the holiday/new years break and end up kind of vegging around, which is still okay, but now I can have fun thinking of fun things too!


Holiday goals:

1. Catch a kingfish and don't get eaten by a shark in the process.

2. Spend time with family.

3. Cook a deep fried turkey. 

4. Take photos of awesome stuff with my really old analogue cameras

5. Go on some kind of adventure away from technology for a little while. 


Re: Holiday Goals

When my holidays show up (full time work sucks lol) I wanna get more confident riding a bicycle on the road, maybe catch up with a friend or two, and appreciate time spent with family.


Re: Holiday Goals

@Bay52VU I'm getting back into bikeriding as well! It's a little intimidating riding a bike on the roads, so I tend to stick to park tracks instead.


Other things:

  • Creating a new mural out of old magazines I've collected from op shops to replace the postcard mural I had to take down for renovations
  • Making time for swimming (and cycling!)
  • Organising more outings with extended family members I haven't seen for a few months now

Re: Holiday Goals

Sounds absolutely awesome all these goals!! Smiley Very Happy

Make this Summer C.O.U.N.T., and spend it with the people I love and care for.

Getting more out of life...

Re: Holiday Goals

@Bay52VU ! I am riding to work for the first time since moving to my new city. It's kind of intense dealing with the cars. I think i might spray paint everything i own bright orange...

Re: Holiday Goals

I hope to get into some volunteering and do more art when my hand heals.
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Re: Holiday Goals

Goals for the holidays!
1) Read more books!
2) Spend some quality time with the fam bam.
3) Try some new recipes
4) Just relax.

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Re: Holiday Goals

Goals for the holidays;

1. Try not to be such a Grinch around Christmas time. 

2. Enjoy my time off by spending more time doing things outside of the house (like literally outside!!! Yay!)

3. Do more baking, I know it's not winter or baking weather but it's totally the right time of year to feed people baked goods. 

4. Try stand up paddle boarding. This really should be number one, I am way too keen. 

Re: Holiday Goals

i love this thread, by sharing my goals i feel more accountable, which probably increases the chances of me actually fullfilling them.


1. get to the gym at least 4 times a week for a cardio class or my own sesh

2. try to have at least one day a week where i dont work so that i can schedule in some me time (pretty much after christmas though)

3. spend less money on food and clothes, and more on experiences, like GIGS


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