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Re: Holiday Goals

  • Create (and stick to) a regular exercise routine, especially for Pilates and yoga.
  • Be more present and mindful, especially when I'm overseas with my family.
  • Contribute MUCH more to the RO forums! Cat Very Happy

Re: Holiday Goals

Great thread @Glass_half_fullSmiley Happy


Making goals during the holidays makes them more exciting! it also means that there's so much more to look forward to than we realise as well. 


My holiday goals are: 

  • To improve my mental health and practice more self-care  - it's been going pretty downhill these past few months
  • Read more books and explore other kinds of publications like independently published magazines and zines
  • Watch more documentaries (Miss Representation on Netflix!)
  • Save a bit more money as my financial goals are behind at the moment
  • Spend more time with my brother
  • Exercise (or at least try) different physical activities
Stay excellent

Re: Holiday Goals

Im enjoying reading all of these. They are giving me ideas of things I should do too!!

I need to job hunt - which is hard when everything is closed down...
I will also be trying to finish a baby blanket I am knitting
|| Life runs in cycles, the wheel never stops turning, no matter how dark the night morning comes, no matter how cold the winter, spring comes. When you feel despair know that the wheel is turning, joy will come. ||