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House stuff

We used to only have one dog and that wasn't bad as we could keep the back door open all the time and he wouldn't escape; but since we got another dog a few years ago she's only been getting pregnant, escaping and constantly barking. I feel like I can't live at home anymore as the dogs keep going to the toilet inside and no one cleans it up even if I haven't been home for a week which often I haven't been at home that much as it's just disgusting. My family doesn't even do the simple housework like cleaning the bathroom, toilet and they leave dishes for me to catch up on for when I haven't been home. It's getting to a point where I'm not eating properly because it's all through the kitchen and there's only so much it can actually clean up. I only eat properly when I'm not home but I always dread having to come back to the mess.


It's really unhygienic but I haven't been able to get my license to be able to get a job and get out of there as all my money is spent on food and my parents won't take me for driving lessons. I just kind of want to know some options on how to get out. I don't want to move in with a guy permanently because I don't want to be thrown into another domestic situation it's just at this stage it's really what I want to do, I'm constantly sick and I know my health is only going to go down more if I stay. I kinda don't really know how to get out safely.


Re: House stuff

Hey there @Hicks  , 

What a difficult situation -  the new dog is really impacting on your quality of life at home, as well as your family's hygiene and cleanliness. Sounds like you're in a tough situation of not knowing what to do or where to go next. 

When you say you haven't been home for a week - where do you stay? 

Do you have any support people that could help you look at your options for moving out? A social worker, or similar support, could sit down with you and talk about a plan to leave the home - there are a few options for support that you could connect with - check out a few here related to accomodation,

. or here related to family. 


We also have an article about the safety of your home here - that might be helpful to know where to start. 


Please keep letting us know how you are - we want to see you connect with the supports that can best help you to move forward. Heart

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Re: House stuff

@gina-RO when I haven't been at home I've been staying with a guy I've been seeing recently and thanks for the advice I really appreciate it.


Re: House stuff

Hey @Hicks, just wanted to check in. How's the house stuff going? Smiley Happy 

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