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How Do You Relieve Emotional Stress? (With a story)

So once again I am posting with a story, getting into a bit of a habit >.>


So recently I've noticed I have been lacking focus and ability when it comes to my programming, which is what I like, no love, spending my time doing. I have hit several problems that I could normally over come in half the time it is taking me now and this is leading to a some lack in confidence, not much but it's taking its toll. It feels like I am being lazy and not doing what I planned out to do. This is still going on but it has shown me something. I have noticed that when I accomplish something that, it doesn't have to be related, it relieves that feeling of lack of confidence and lack of direction. Recently (past month) I have been doing push ups every morning and before bed to help me build up chest and core strength. I remember one night I wasn't feeling partically well because I had spent that whole night trying to solve a programming problem but I never got it. So that evening I managed to push myself a little further in my push ups and it relieved the feeling of lack of direction. Now everytime I feel stressed or the same lack of direction feeling comes back, I can do push ups and it helps relieve the feeling.


So I ask you, what helps you relieve emotional stress?

Re: How Do You Relieve Emotional Stress? (With a story)

Hi Tempus!
Great post and story!

I also find exercise to be a great stress reliever. During my exams I found I would get very wound up that made it very hard to concentrate. So whenever I felt like this I would go for a run or jump on the exercise bike. Not only did it help me clear my head but as I did it more and more I found I had a lot more energy during the day and that meant I could study more.

Other things I found quite helpful was taking breaks! Just going and doing something fun for a little while - whether that be going out with friends or watching some T.V. It seems simple but it's soooooo effective.

Talking so someone else is also great. I found that debriefing - even if it was just to rant - made me feel a lot better and cleared my head so that I was able to concentrate much more Smiley Happy

Re: How Do You Relieve Emotional Stress? (With a story)

Thanks mate

Yep, doing exercise has more benefits then just looking better Smiley Tongue

Yep, sometimes I just have to sit down and watch TV, doing nothing but watch TV and relax a little. Yay mind numbing TV xD.

Yep, I have one person who I can tell everything to and vent to if I need to but I haven't had to do that for some time now Smiley Happy