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How To Deal With Exam Stress

Hey everyone,


As I'm in my fourth year of university I obviously have exams from time to time. You'd think I'd be used to it by now but I still struggle with exam stress, like many of us do. It doesn't matter how long I've studied or how confident I am, I constantly stress about upcoming exams and I find it really impacts my mood and motivation in the days leading up to exams. 


I'm not sure if there is something similar but I thought I would start this thread where we could all share our exam stress tips whether that be tips to stay organised and motivated during study, or tips on how to relax and take time for yourself during such a stressful period. 


My study tips are:

  • writing up flash cards and getting a friend or family member to test us - I find this is the best way to help me remember important information.
  • dedicate set times of the day for you to study and also dedicate times of the day to take a break from study whether that be some form of exercise, stretching/yoga, a coffee with a friend, etc.


I would love to hear all of your study tips to stay motivated and reduce exam stress! Smiley Happy 


Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

Hi @lr8991
Great idea for a post! I agree, I'm in my postgraduate year and I still struggle with exam or assignment stress. I've realise now that sometimes I can have negative automatic thoughts when I know I have an exam or assignment coming up so I've been trying to change it! For example:
Negative thought = 'What if I don't get a high enough mark?'
Evidence against = I've come this far so I've shown I can do it or I studied hard enough and it will show in the marks.

Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

hey @lr8991 @missep ! I hope your having a good day!

I think this is such a good ides for a thread!

As you mentioned @missep a positive mindset is SO important when it comes to exams! It is quite hard to maintain one, so you both are doing a great job!

I have a few tips to share:

  • Study groups can be quite helpful! Get together a group of people from your class (I have no idea how uni works - still in highschool!) and get your important notes together! Google Docs and Google Slides are great for collaborating. My friends and I often do this, sometimes at lunch, after school, or on weekends during our exam periods!
  • Teach your content to someone else! It can be anyone. Explain the basics, and then move into other areas of content - I often do this with maths and science based subjects, but can be done with mostly anything. Be wary that with essays, this probably would not be as effective - your ideas might get stolen!
  • Use past papers to your advantage! Go to your university/school's library or ask your teacher to help you find said papers

Definitely ask a lot of questions and get plenty of sleep to make sure your mind is as sharp as possible for studying and the exam!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

love and hugs, 

blobby Smiley Happy


Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

Such good ideas @blobby @missep ! 


So important to have a positive mindset, even though I still struggle with this sometimes. I don't think you will get far in studying if you are constantly thinking negative. 


I talk to so many peers who say they stay up all night and run off numerous energy drinks and coffees. I've never seen the point of this because my mind just cannot run on such little sleep, so I think making sure you are well rested in the lead up to exams is super important! 


Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

Great thread!! So many helpful tips leading into the second half of semester! 


I am a huge fan of flash cards too, I make them at the end of every week to break up the task and revise as I go. 


I also book in consults with tutors, it is great to learn from peers etc but i find it is so much more beneficial to go to the source and take in points your really struggling with/an agenda of questions to get some 1 on 1 clarification if possible! 


Reaching out to your student services can be a great help too if you really are stuck with where to start. They can help you create study plans etc Smiley Happy


Hope everyone smashes their exams this semester!!!





Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

@lr8991  These are such great tips Smiley Happy I use them too and they work for me really well xx


Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

I'm a student I had that problem. My life is changed after I start to eat healthy and workout. I start playing tennis and also, drinking some protein shakes that have nutrients and can better my immunities. So,I hope you can use one of my tips and they will help you.

Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

@Shack123 very good point! I also think looking after your body is super important! I make sure I stay active and maintain a healthy diet and I definitely think its a great way to feel good and reduce stress which can help in the lead up to exams! Smiley Happy   


Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

I used to have a lot of exam stress especially when I was in school. But the one thing that I realised, that really worked for me was sleeping well and strategising the exam preparation. I think sometimes  we set unattainable targets for ourselves and then we end up doing nothing which brings our morale down and increases panic before the exams. 

So, I think it is important to set easy attainable targets for each day like doing one tough topic and 2 easy topics a day or something like that and then rewarding yourself for achieving those goals.


TIP: Plan day by day not the entire week Smiley Happy


I wish everyone good luck for their exams Smiley Happy . I know you all will do great Heart

Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

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