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Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

@Jack1423 Yes!!

I've got ADD and autism, so mind maps can really help me as well. 

I use colors and symbols and pictures a lot, I get too bored otherwise... 

This is part of the giant mind map I made before an English exam a while ago:



Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

@Tiny_leaf  Great mindmap! I love the illustrations! I've never read Lord of the Flies. Is it good?

My top study tips:
- Write down lecture notes instead of typing them. Apparently, this helps you remember them better and your brain works harder to read your handwriting.
- Make up your own possible questions.
- Look up past papers and answer them. Some teachers or lecturers like to take questions from previous exams in that subject. One of my family members sat an exam which was identical to a past paper.
- Try to teach someone the work or topic. This helps you remember it more.
- Keep a study planner or app. I found that setting the same time every day to study was really helpful. I would also organise study breaks.
- I've never used them, but I've heard that there are programs and apps such as EndNote which can help you manage bibliographies and citations for assignments rather than entering them manually or one-by-one. This would have saved me a lot of time, effort and typing.
- Some people put quotes or important exam information around the house, so that they learn to associate them with a specific part of the house. This apparently helps them remember them more easily.
- Keep track of your references, links or sources as you work on the assignment or plan your essay. I liked using OneNote for this.
- Use a scaffold to plan your essay or response. There are lots of them available online such as these ones. You can also find note taking templates online such as this one.
- If you are running out of time to write an essay or extended response, write the key information and points in bullet points. Once I had only a few minutes left to write a long essay, but I got a little over 50% of the marks just through the bullet points alone.
- Double check the marking on your exams and assignments. Often, markers can make mistakes or deduct marks for no reason. If you feel that you have been marked harshly, discuss it with the marker. Once, I managed to pick up 10 marks due to contesting my mark by explaining how I fulfilled the marking criteria. This was the entire difference between two grades. Markers have also deducted marks from me saying that I did not use the proper referencing format when I actually did. I've had to show my own copy of the reference style book to prove myself correct. It's worth keeping a copy handy.

Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

It not giant but made very gud n im sorry to hear u ill

Re: How To Deal With Exam Stress

@Jack1423 that's only a part of it.. And thank you!