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How do I actually be productive?

Hey ! So this is probably a topic already on here but I know I can't be the only one who doesn't know how to do the productive so why not ask again. 


I am great at setting goals, I literally spend all my time planning coming up with big ideas, writing all the steps to undertake them, setting time aside for tasks but when it comes to actually doing them .... I'm completely hopeless. My brain literally stops me from actually doing any of my school work or anything productive like applying for a job and either has me get up and cook food to binge on or just go back to bed. I rly want to make a change in this because I want to be that person who gets all their homework out of the way so they can live life but no matter how many tips and tricks I try from online I just can't seem to make myself go through with my plans. Instead I lie to myself saying making another plan is just as productive as actually doing 😂 evidentally it's not. 


Anyways yes any advice on making ideas and plans in my life actual actionable ! And being productive ☺️ would be very much appreciated. 


Re: How do I actually be productive?

Well , honestly I have no advice since I’m looking for it too ! I’m great at planning things too but when it comes to actually putting it into action, I fail. I give in to sleep and end up being unproductive. Really badly need some tips here !

Re: How do I actually be productive?

Hi @Peanut and @Rachel-A! Welcome to the forums!

I think this is a super common issue. Messing up the steps to achieve your goals or procrastinating is nothing to be ashamed of. I think our brains like to trick us into thinking we've done the hard work just by making the plan. I'm guilty of this too.

Two techniques I know that have helped some people with goals and plans are action planning and coping planning.

Action planning can be explained like, 'I will do task X at Y day and time for Z minutes.' I found it useful to write these down. There are lots of apps that can help with developing habits and reminding you to do things like this. It is also helpful if you break down the tasks into small steps. Schoolwork can be divided into individual subjects and tasks, for example, rather than homework in general. Getting a job can also be broken into individual tasks.

Coping planning is when you identify barriers towards achieving your goals and how you can deal with them. For example, if you feel as though you won't have time to do something in the morning, you can write down that you will set your alarm earlier so that you can have time to do it. Or if you want to watch your favourite TV show rather than doing something productive, you can decide that you will record the show to watch afterwards or dedicate a certain day of the week to watch episodes of the show.

Have you heard of or tried these techniques before?


Re: How do I actually be productive?

@Peanut This is a great question! Like @WheresMySquishy said it happens to all of us and the hardest part is definitely getting started. 


I know some people are more productive in the morning than at night and vice versa so I would suggest trialling doing work at both times to see when you can get in the zone more! 


There is a thing called 'small victories effect' where you can increase your motivation by ticking off small tasks first so maybe give that a go too and you might increase your productivity flow. 


Don't be too hard on yourself about it, persistence is key! Let us know how you go Smiley Happy


Re: How do I actually be productive?

There's this very small thing, but it's been crazy effective for me! If you have a task that takes 1 minute, 5 minutes or even 15 minutes to do, just force yourself to do it. Like, straight away. Now.

I have been (and have felt) so much more productive since doing that. Chores, homework, sending quick applications... making a start often puts me in the right mood, and then I can get on a roll. Smiley Very Happy

Re: How do I actually be productive?

Hey @Peanut 


I think this is something we all struggle with at some point! It can be hard to find the motivation to get things done.


One thing I found that helps me is to not let myself do the things I like until that task is done, for example: no reading or tv until I have cleaned the house or no seeing my friends until the assignment is done. It usually helps me get things done faster.


Smiley Happy