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How do you deal with change?

So I've just started a new job and my family is moving house! Although both of these things are really exciting, I'm finding that they are very exhausting aswell. As human beings we constantly watch change happening around us- how do YOU deal with it?

Re: How do you deal with change?

Change is one of those things that happens all the time, from small things to big things. Some things are in your control and some aren't. I try to look at all the positive things that could come out of the change, and I also think about what things I'm scared of. Sometimes if you think about the things that you're scared of compared to the big picture they don't seem so bad and you can work out ways to deal with them better.

Re: How do you deal with change?

I find it really challenging to deal with change - even positive change rattles me a bit, as it is still change in my life. I find a couple of things works well for me.


The first is that I keep other things in my life as regular as possible. I know that sometimes difficult - like moving house! But things like keeping a journal each night or going for a walk every afternoon - no matter where I am, has really helped. I recently went to Europe for five weeks, and found that doing simple stuff like that helped me adapt to being so far away from home.


I also write a lot about change, before, during and after it has happened. I was so excited when my sister was pregnant with my nephew, but I also knew that our lives would never be the same again. So I wrote to my nephew before he was born and on the night of the day he was born. He's three and a half now and just adorable - I can't believe I was ever worried about having him in my life! But writing really helps for me deal with a lot of stuff, including change.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy Goodluck!

Re: How do you deal with change?

Thanks FlorenceForever!

Writing is a great idea, I guess I just sit down with a pen and paper and go blank! 

What a beautiful idea writing to your nephew before he was born...definetly something to take on board!

Thanks so much Smiley Happy

Re: How do you deal with change?

When change is happening, which can be rather stressful, practicing self care is very important! Taking time to look after yourself and doing things that you find good for you, for example going for a bike ride, having a mug of tea, catching up with friends, having a relaxing bath. And being kind to yourself is also important and allowing yourself time to adjust and get used to the new changes and seeking support if needed.

Re: How do you deal with change?

The part of change that I'm finding most difficult at the moment is having to make my own changes happen. I've got an idea of what I want things to change to, but figuring out how or whether or not it's even possible is difficult when there's so many things that can't be planned out because they're up to chance.

Re: How do you deal with change?

I know how you're feeling. My brother recently moved out and it's changed my family so much. I find I'm more emotional and find it hard to be at home. I've found keeping myself busy works and giving myself time to reflect on the positive stuff. I've also found venting to someone outside of my family circle has helped me get out my feelings so I don't cause havoc at home. That's what boyfriends are for right? Smiley Tongue


It doesn't always work and it will be a struggle for all of us to find our balance again. But eventually it will all work out. Or so I'm told Smiley Tongue