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How does one communicate?

I'm having trouble with starting up small talk and many people are starting to find me boring. Its gotten so bad that I can't even say hi to my friends I really miss. I feel like its really awkward with me around. Helppp ;-;

Re: How does one communicate?

Hello @Talk_pls - welcome to the forum! 

You might want to go over here to introduce yourself - there are some questions you can answer so the others on the forum can get to know you a bit - but these questions might also be helpful suggestions for "small talk" as well... see what you think! 


Small talk is really difficult for so many of us - I know I struggle with it at times as well - feeling awkward is a horrible feeling, and i'm sorry to hear it's having a negative impact on your friendships Smiley Sad 
It can help to remember that everyone feels awkward at times. You could spend time thinking of some "go to " questions or statements that you can use to start conversations. If you have them ready to go in your mind, there is less pressure in the moment to come up with something! 
We also have some tips over here that you might find helpful. Heart