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How is everyone?

Hey everyone, 

Were in the 3rd week of the new year now, so I thought I would just put a thread for people so I could check-in, see what have you changed so far for the new year, have you missed a few tasks for your new year's resolution? Personally, I missed a good few workouts this week but I'm slowly getting back into routine now and giving myself some leniency after a tough and testing year. 

Also please feel free to share anything else, like what you have been up to or how you are better coping with the somewhat uncertainty that may still be affecting you and tough times more generally?

Re: How is everyone?

Hey there @A_Friend , nice idea for a thread.


I personally don't do much, just go out for errands such as grocery shopping with my parents (or we do it online & get it delivered because the closest Woolworths is 20 mins away), go to appointments if I have any (except for my Psychiatrist who I see on Telehealth), and go for walks daily. Otherwise I spend most of my time online and in my bedroom. Pretty lazy and pathetic, I know. But I can't do much else, even before COVID, because this town is so hard for me to fit in, I'm always rejected with groups, etc.


Sorry for my sad rant, but yeah. i have no friends either and no one talks to me, even so called "family" (other than my parents)

Re: How is everyone?

Do you walk anywhere that is nice @musicfan_xo? I like to walk around the lake nearby if I can. I don't think you are lazy or pathetic. Going for a walk daily is the opposite! It must be hard to feel like you don't fit in the town that you live in Smiley Sad It can also be a big part of where you live too. I know where I used to live was a lot more quiet compared to where I am now. And some of my family live quite far out which has made it hard for them to find jobs and things to do. Do you have some good company online?

Re: How is everyone?

Hey @Taylor-RO , thanks for the kind words, that means a lot. I'm still a failure and lazy though because I've never worked and I'm 21. I did apply for the NDIS and my Psychiatrist filled it in (he's the only professional who's known me for 1 year+), and he wrote stuff like I should get work training, social stuff, etc. funded but I was told that they don't fund that although it's a lie, but anyway. So I rejected my claim. This was last year sometime, or 2019, 2020 though I think.


Sorry to hear your family lives far away from you. I hope to make some more friendships on these forums. I also have a friend in NSW & friends in America who I hope to meet some day.

Re: How is everyone?

@A_Friend Hey!

The beginning of this year was really stressful as a Victorian, the prospect of lockdown 3.0 was weighing heavy on me each day but it seems to have alleviated. I don’t set resolutions rather but more just overall plans/thoughts/intentions for the year. I had this really bizarre one on a hot day when I was at the beach and I thought “hey, I wonder if I could spend time in the ocean everyday this year” well, that last 3 days. 
I think overall I just want to keep on top of my mental health this year and I have plans for my business to continue running, also have a busy family life so making sure I take the time out especially on weekends to spend time with them and limit my overtime work, which will help keep on top of my mental health. I think 2021 will bring some challenges very different to 2020 (well I hope so! I’m not moving house again or being without work!!) 

Today has been really challenging but nothing I cannot manage. 

Re: How is everyone?

Hey @musicfan_xo, I don't think you're lazy either, it's ok to not have worked - we place so much emphasis in society on "work" and I think it can be harmful because there are lots of different things people do with their time and they are all valid. You're doing You, and that is awesome Heart

That sounds really frustrating, the experience you had with the NDIS, did you talk to your psychiatrist about it afterwards to see if there was anything they could do?

 I hope you get to meet your friends who live far away some day too, that would be so cool Smiley Very Happy 

Re: How is everyone?

@Hannah-RO thank you. Yes I talked to my Psychiatrist about the NDIS, he said he's not sure why they told me they don't fund it  because he said he's seen it happen with other people, weird. And he even said they fund Prositution, lol

Re: How is everyone?

@musicfan_xo I can empathise with not doing much outside of your house or in general. Getting some exercise is such a good thing to do. @Saltwaterdreamtime I can relate to the stress of the start of the year as flow victorian. But I'm so glad to see that lockdown 3.0 seems unlikely and glad to hear your mental health and family is going to be a priority for you in 2021.Im glad to hear you feel like you can manage, let us know if we can do anything to help or support you

Re: How is everyone?

@A_Friend thank you.


@Saltwaterdreamtime I'm a Victorian also. I'm in the country (not out in the middle of nowhere though) but it still effects us up here too. It's awful.

Re: How is everyone?

I’m in rural vic too