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Re: How to get back to happy?

Morning @gezellig! If you trust you can make it till seeing your psychologist, then that is very strong of you, but please take care of yourself and know you have us to talk with ❤️ I couldn't agree more, that it's a downer that your uni does not cater to the mental health of their psychology students Smiley Sad 

I also understand wanting to wait because of the background your psychologist knows, I've been in a similar situation before. Please don't feel like it's you being unmotivated or lazy, I think you're thinking your circumstances through and choosing what will serve best, so on the contrary, that's very insightful of you!


It's wonderful to hear you are doing the mini-thesis on mindfulness, which aspects have you been trying as part of self-care? And have you considering journalling at all (it's my go to form of self-care Smiley Happy )


Sounds like you have a lot of amazing goals you'd like to pursue, but I can imagine how overwhelming it must be feeling as well. As understandable as it is that you wish to stay at your current uni, have you considered other unis at which to do honours as well? Career counsellors at uni can be a real asset in helping you find all the pathways to reaching your end goal, beyond the traditional ways! 

And as for travelling, I think with everything you are juggling, it would be a great way to reward yourself, though it's understandable to have issues with money. If you don't mind me asking, are you currently working part time? And where would you like to travel?

Re: How to get back to happy?

No worries @gezellig Smiley Happy. I agree with @sweet_baking, I don't think waiting for an appointment with a psych who knows you really well makes you lazy or unmotivated, I think it's better than sticking to one person than several so that you get the most out of your therapy sessions (instead of having repeat the same things over between different psychs). However, in saying that, if things do get really tough, perhaps you could contact a helpline (Lifeline, Kids Helpline, etc.) for some short-term support?

I also agree with the idea of visiting a careers advisor on how to successfully progress with honours/postgrad. Perhaps you could also consider applying for honours at a different uni where it is less competitive to get in?

Re: How to get back to happy?

thank you for your replies @sweet_baking and @Esperanza67!!


Yeah I'm definitely fine seeing my psych at the end of the month, thank you!

I'm not actually sure if my uni has easily accessible careers advisors so I will definitely check that out!

In regards to applying to honours, I'm definitely going to apply to as many unis as I can, but they are all so competitive! I just at least want to stay in my city, which is not looking very likely, but I don't want to move again Smiley Sad


I am also currently working casually but I'm also looking for a part-time job. It's all so stressful though and I'm worried I won't have enough time to spend on studying and completing all my work so that I can get a good mark to get into honours. It's just all so full on!


My dream is to move to the Netherlands for a little bit, but I don't know how realistic that is with what I want to study and have a career in!

Re: How to get back to happy?

Hey @gezellig, thanks for getting back to us Smiley Happy. I'm pretty sure every uni have career advisors, but probably call them under a different name. However, good luck in finding one! I'm pretty sure there is at least one person at uni who is willing to have a chat with you about your future career pathways.

I know getting to honours is so competitive (especially for psych), right? It's a great idea that you're applying to as many unis that you can. I hope you can get into one of them!

Is the reason you're looking for a part-time job is because you're struggling financially? Have you tried looking at what Centrelink has to offer in regards to supporting students financially? I really don't want your marks to suffer because of your job because I'm guessing getting into honours is your first priority, right?

I like your dream of moving to Netherlands - I too want to move overseas one day for a while but not exactly sure where yet. I think it is a realistic dream - it would take some time and effort, obviously, but I reckon you'll be able to get there in the end.

Re: How to get back to happy?

@Esperanza67 hahahah funny you say that, as I've spent a large portion of this morning procrastinating by looking what allowances I could possibly get! Unfortunately I don't qualify for anything until I'm 22 because my mum makes a little over the threshold for the parental means test. So i really need a job so I can help mum support my family and maybe save a little bit so I can eventually move out. It's just so hard with study being so important right now! Honours is definitely first priority Smiley Sad

Re: How to get back to happy?

I think it's really amazing of you @gezellig to be balancing a part time job in order to help your mum support your family, though I'm sorry that, Centrelink can be quite strict in what allowances it allows Smiley Sad I definitely wouldn't call it procrastination though, that you were looking up different avenues, which is awesome initiative. In regards to looking for a part-time job, as opposed to your casual position at the moment, do you feel that search is something that might be put aside till the end of honours, if it is adding to that feeling of being overwhelmed at the moment? Also, does your uni offer any part-time job finding services, such as for jobs on campus? 


I'm really glad to hear Honours is your first priority and that you are applying in many different places Smiley Happy I'm with @Esperanza67, I hope you can get into one of them and continue on this pathway! 

Moving to Netherlands is a wonderful goal to have, and a dream that truly can become real, especially with your fantastic work ethic. I had a friend move to England after studying her masters, so why not Netherlands right?

Re: How to get back to happy?

Hey @gezellig, I agree with @sweet_baking, I don't think it's procrastination that you're looking at what allowances you could be entitled to, it's unfortunate that you don't qualify for anything yet Smiley Sad but it's so sweet of you to help financially support your family Smiley Happy

@sweet_baking has also given great advice on possible avenues you might consider that might help you feel less overwhelmed at the moment. The only other piece of advice that I could think of that might also help is to drop your study load from full-time to part-time (if you haven't done so already - feel free to correct me on this!) so that you could focus on getting good grades and working to financially support your family.

Re: How to get back to happy?

Aww thanks @sweet_baking! Maybe I should put the job-hunt aside? I'm not sure. I'm not earning enough now, and I also want to get some more work experience for masters applications (hopefully). I have also definitely been looking out for jobs on campus! Always keeping an eye out hahaha


Thanks for the suggestions @Esperanza67! Thankfully I'm already underloading because I completed a winter term subject, and I've always wanted to keep right on track so that I'm not stuck at uni forever!


I'm just so stressed right now and can't stop worrying about everything and thats making it really hard to get anything done ahhhahah


Re: How to get back to happy?

No worries @gezellig Smiley Very Happy. That's great to hear that you can underload this semester as you've already completed a winter term subject - can make things a little less stressful compared to if you studied the standard load, right?

As to whether you should put the job-hunt aside, I guess it depends on whether you feel having a part-time job might overwhelm you too much given that it seems that you're already stressed with studying and working casually. Does that make sense?

Re: How to get back to happy?

Hey @Esperanza67


Sorry for the hiatus and for not getting back to you quicker, I've just been so busy!!!


yeah thats definitely true, I am so so so glad I'm underloading! I don't think I could do full time study this semester, as my other 3 subjects are super hard ahhhh


And that definitely makes sense!!

At least I'm still earning money with my casual job. Maybe I'll just have a look around for jobs for during the holidays instead.


thank you!!!