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How to practice digital hygene ?

Hi I have cluttered emails from FB, Netflix,YT and other brands and exploding messages from whatsapp.  I can't keep up tbh.


I'd like to know how can I keep an email for it's particular use and guard my privacy from invasive marketing and organize my Digital Life.


Has anyone experience this before ?



Bunny walks.



Re: How to practice digital hygene ?

Hi @BunnyWalks
This is an interesting post!
I tend to use two different emails. I have one I use for person and professional things and one I use for online things and for uhm loyalty programs. Although I route everything through my personal one because I live the layout better and I'm too lazy to go through 2 different accounts Smiley Tongue

How ever in saying this I have filters set up, so everything that is loyalty program related (think clothing, dominos etc) all goes into one folder. I then have social (for facebook, linked in (which I rarely use lol), updates (which has job search update emails etc), and then forums (which is only RO)
The rest goes to my inbox as primary and that will notify me on my phone, usually GMAIL automatically correlates an incoming email into a category (although sometimes it gets it wrong) so usually any email typed out and specifically sent to me (not me on a mail list) will come to my inbox for me to decide what to do with, and usually they are important emails.

So if I was to unroute my social account I wouldn't get many emails through my personal at all, sure I get some spam but google is pretty good with sending those to spam for me Smiley Tongue (most of the time)

I hope this helps a little Smiley Happy


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Re: How to practice digital hygene ?

How may I start using filters on Gmail ?

Re: How to practice digital hygene ?

hi @BunnyWalks
i get alot of 'junk mail' as well. using the filters works or you can unsubscribe to recieving emails from things like facebook and shops. i have accounts with places like target, big w and kmart and i found i was recieving to much of their advert emails so i unsubscribed which if you click onto their emails it usually says somewhere within the email how to unsubscribe (usually a link to take you where you need to go to do that)
Hope this helps
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