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How to quit a job?

Hi pals,


I'm planning on telling my manager tomorrow that I'm going to finish up working there because I'm going overseas in about 3 weeks.


I'm feeling a tad nervous about it, and worried he won't take it very well. Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share? How do you approach talking to managers and bosses about difficult things?


Thanks! Smiley Happy


(Oh, I work in hospitality if that helps at all - just casually)


Re: How to quit a job?

I've only ever quit one job (and that was a few years ago now). But I took in my resignation letter with two weeks notice and just handed that to my manager and explained the situation. 


Sorry if that's not very helpful. I hope you can sort it out. Smiley Happy 


Re: How to quit a job?

hand in resignation letter, but make sure you r all col before u leave if u want a reference Smiley Happy


Inspire All Smiley Happy


Re: How to quit a job?

Hey Georgie,


I quit my job a few weeks ago due to mental health probs.


Firsly, I emailed my manager to arrange a time to sit down a chat.


Then I typed up a resignation letter to give to her, with my four weeks notice (I worked part-time).


Then when we sat down I said that she'd probably noticed that I hadn't been too well lately, and that I was currently unwell. I mentioned that I had really enjoyed working with her and the team for two year and that it was time to move on and look after myself.


I know you aren't leaving for the same reason but the premise is the same.


My tips are to be honest about why you're leaving, except if it's because your manager is awful.


Tell them how much you've enjoyed working there, how much you've learnt etc.


Thank them for all the opportunities they've given you.


Agree on a final day, make sure your resignation letter coincides with that day and then hand it in.


I kept in mind that they're an employer and therefore they must have had people resign before, so it might be a surprise to them, but they're used to doing it, so don't be too nervous.




Re: How to quit a job?

If your going overseas, then why quit?, is it possible to take leave?

I mean, if you like the job, try keeping it available if its just a 3 week trip.


Re: How to quit a job?

Thanks so much for all the tips guys! I guess it's just about finding the right time, and being honest.

@Apothecary - I'm going for almost 2 months and actually hate the job so I really want to quit anyway Smiley Happy

I'm about to head off to work now, I'll let you know how it goes!


Re: How to quit a job?

kk, was just a viewpoint. Enjpy your trip and I hope you find a new job that's fun Smiley Wink


Re: How to quit a job?

How did you go Georgie?


I find I've always been nervous leaving jobs - even when I hated them, or maybe especially haha! But I think the nerves can work in your favour.. and sometimes they demonstate that you don't like letting people down. (Which you're not usually but you can feel like you are when leaving a job!). So I'm sure you said the right things.


If you have any tips based on how it went.... 


Re: How to quit a job?

Hi all. Thanks again for the encouragement Smiley Happy All done! So much relief right now!

@Atma - i'm sorry to hear you had to leave your job for mental health reasons, but I'm sure when you're able you will find something awesome again.

@Apothecary - Thanks!

@AllyEm - It is definitely pretty nerve-wracking!

So... I spent my entire shift trying to find the right moment, but in the end just ended up telling him right at the end. I approached it with "are you busy? do you have a moment?" and then just told him honestly about going overseas and needing to finish up in a couple of weeks.

I didn't use a resignation letter because my employment there was VERY casual (aka shifty) i.e. I got paid in cash at the end of each shift, no super or penalty rates etc, so I didn't consider myself to be really 'on the books'.

My main concern was that he would just tell me not to bother coming in tomorrow, but he was really pretty good about it, asked where I was travelling to, and we agreed on a final day.

I guess tips based on how it went would be:

Choose a good time. If it looks like it's going to be a busy shift, ask ahead eg "if you have a moment today, i'd like to have a quick chat".

Be honest, and thank them for the experience etc.

Agree on a date to finish up, offering a couple more weeks of work (out of courtesy, even though as a casual employee you're not obliged).

Take a deep breath, and remember that they are managers, and have probably had this conversation many times Smiley Happy


Re: How to quit a job?

Glad it worked out well for you! Smiley Happy