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How to work on happiness.

Disclaimer : I'm not a health professional in any qualified way or may not understand account every personal circumstances.


I'm only an unemployed 23 year old looking to offer perspective to people who may feel lost how to feel in this 21st century contradiction. 


7 minute read.


We think that happiness is something we get when we consume from an event/ item or gain an notable achievement recognised from an external source ,a BOSS or a university , the likes and comments we get from social media on our projects or even a from a person we admire ENTIRELY.


These things do mean something however they are only apart of our happiness.


I've been enjoying some quite and found that happiness can be how you feel about you on the daily.


Independent of what opinion others think of you. You are not your short comings. It's more likely that the behaviour is.


Happiness is allowed to come from you.


Happiness can be a way how you treat yourself during difficult times and how you recognise how you treat others you may have a disagreements with.


You are responsible for your own happiness. You can select what events do make you happy even it's just a small thing like seeing sunlight or being alive.


Happiness can come from appreciating tiny events.


Happiness never had to be a grand thing.


It can be little steps you've made to be a better person. 


In conclusion, in the long run you can decide what makes you happy, along the way. Happiness will be momentary emotion you experience and that's okay.  Understand happiness will come from you and it's up to you (and with some help of others like )  to decide what makes you happy.


Hey reach out squad, @@@@ @BunnyWalks@ here sending you good vibes and hopefully this post offers some wisdom to those that need it.

Re: How to work on happiness.

@BunnyWalks awesome post! Thanks for sharing these thoughts and the positive vibes! 

It's always cool to hear what's worked for you - everyone is on their own journey, and some may arrive at different experiences of happiness, but I love what you've said about Happiness being momentary - that is very true. Every feeling we have, positive and negative, is only temporary. 


I also love what you said about finding happiness in small things- noticing little things, can be a great way to get pleasure from life's little gems - things like light falling in a certain way, the laughter of people I love, or of strangers! - smells of candles, or flowers... these are the things I try to remember to notice, and when I do they bring me a sort of happiness. Heart


For people with depression, there are other things at play and things to consider when thinking about happiness, and sometimes happiness seems too far off to really think about! That's ok too. As I said, we are each on our own journey. 

But this is such a beautiful expression of all you've learnt! Thank you @BunnyWalks!

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Re: How to work on happiness.


I appreciate your reply.

It's comforting to hear you reading the post.

We have to remember happiness requires some effort through our lives. Even if we do mess up big time , later it will still be there.

We've forgotten to try to see good things we've got ,not to dismiss the horrible things , but be brave enough to say we're deserving of better days.

On another note why are we talking to a naked farmers ?

Re: How to work on happiness.

@BunnyWalks , thanks for sharing your thougths with us! 


Haha good question! Click on the link - or here - to find out more about it Smiley Happy 

We will be live interviewing a guy known as the Naked Farmer - to talk about the drought, farming, and mental health! 




I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: How to work on happiness.

Will hit it up @gina-RO