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How was Christmas

hey guys hopefully everyone's Christmas was great. just wanted to make this thread so that everyone can share some happy memories and give a little smile. so here is some questions to get it started feel free to add some more. 

-best Christmas memory 

-favourite sweet and savory food during Christmas

-best gift given to you at Christmas 

-did you believe in santa growing up 


remember you dont have to answer all just the ones your comfortable with!

Re: How was Christmas

@Bella2  Great idea for a thread!
My Christmas wasn't that good because my grandma was hospitalised. I said goodbye to her yesterday thinking I wouldn't see her again, but she seems better today which is promising but I don't want to get my hopes up. Smiley Happy
Best Christmas memory: Watching Soul on Disney+ and trying to make sense of it.
Food: I didn't really eat any festive food this year, but I received some chocolates.
Best gift: I got a bunch of makeup products as a gift.
I believed in Santa growing up! Smiley Happy

Re: How was Christmas

This is such a cute thread idea! My Christmas was super lovely even though I didn't get to see my family this year unfortunately, but I did have a very lovely friend Christmas at one of my mate's house. Smiley Very Happy


Best Christmas memory: spending Christmas overseas visiting my grandparents, and having my first (and only ahahah) white Christmas

Food: all the seafood we had!
Best gift: An extremely lovely necklace my best friend gave me :') 

And I believed in Santa too!

Re: How was Christmas

My favourite Christmas memories are the years when we're home for Christmas just enjoying each other company rather arguing.

My favourite sweet during Christmas is anything I haven't had in a while like cheesecake and cinnamon rolls. My favourite savoury food is the vegan roast for dinner on Christmas night. 

Best received Christmas present is a locket with my boyfriends and i's intials engraved on it. 

I believed in Santa when I was younger and loved trying to stay up to see if came or hear him.

Re: How was Christmas

Hi @Bella2  !


I really hope you had a great holiday, great Christmas, and a good New Years. Thanks for this post and spreading the postivity Robot Very Happy

  • My best Christmas memory is setting of fireworks with my whole extended family as a kid in the Philipines.
  • My favourite sweet and savory food during Christmas is hot cocoa with marshmallows and a candy cane dipped inside, and any type of cheese snacks / foods.
  • One of the best gifts given to me at Christmas is the experience of building my own custom computer with my Dad.
  • Did I believe in santa growing up ? - Yes but more as a character, and not someone who is giving me gifts. Growing up my parents didn't try their hardest to convince my siblings and me that the easter bunny, tooth fairy, Santa, etc doesn't exist. However, I still love them as Iconic characters and keeping the spirit of the holiday.