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Re: I Laughed Because...

@lokifish that's so funny! Smiley LOL such a cute mental image 🐦


I laughed because I saw a photo compilation of cats siiting in unusual places like vases. They're such wonderful and strange creatures and they make 0% sense in the best way 

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Re: I Laughed Because...

I had to laugh when my sister went into one of her seizures where she makes a weird noise before going unconscious (it looks like she's sleeping). After a while, she suddenly woke up, said 'I'm a Dorito' and then had another similar seizure. Smiley LOL She has no memory of this.

Re: I Laughed Because...

@WheresMySquishy oh that's funny but in a bittersweet way. I suppose it's one of those things where you have to laugh otherwise you'll cry.


Today I laughed because I have a cat who likes slapping people when they don't give her the exact type of attention she wants. So I stopped patting her and she slapped me as I walked off, and then I tried patting her again and she still slapped me Smiley LOL It's pretty funny and she absolutely never uses claws but gets the most indignant look on her face. Also today I sneezed really loudly and she left the room while meowing as if she was complaining to me!