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I am finally back! Also, a little more on confidence issues...

Hey everyone! I am so glad I could finally get back on track with Reachout and all the wonderful members on here! It has literally been a year, or less, that I have been on the website. Mainly because of school and other problems, but that shall not matter. Since I am back, I would like to request everyone reading one thing: a topic to talk about.

simply comment on this post and say what and how you want me to help you. Once I note down the requested issues, my next posts would surely be related to coping with them. Without further ado, let me explain why I mentioned confidence in the title of this post.


Like many of us here, we have a hard time finding the right way to communicate. This basically means that we are shy, nervous and at a loss for words when in public. This leads to a widespread issue of self-confidence loss. When this happens, we start to get scared of judgement even more than before. Other than receiving help from adults, parents or Reach out members, you could ask people like me for help. How did a 14 year old like me gain confidence over the years of bullying and abuse? Keep reading.


Imagine yourself put into a group. A group you never knew of,where some people have their own friend groups and are slightly divided from other group members.You pick one of the groups you think you would fit into and start to approach. Now think of anything to start a conversation with them. If these people look popular, avoid joining in and let them notice you. If they don't, then try to join in on conversations of other sub-groups, whether it is about gaming, art and etc. To join in on a conversation, ask them for help with something, or simply ask a question. If the response seems positive and not rejecting, ask them what their name is. Here is an example of what the situation would like in school: 


You: Excuse me, can you please help me with this question in the textbook?

Person: Sure,which one?

*5 minutes later*

You: Thanks a lot. What's your name?

Person: (example name). And what's yours?


If this doesn't follow, and the person rejects you, just walk away. Don't be afraid of them thinking you are weird, act casual and show no sign of stress. Because really, you shouldn't worry about it. An another concept of starting a conversation could occur in an environment of people you already know, but don't talk to. Once again, this could occur in a classroom.Try to wait for a moment when you are put into groups, and then try to communicate with the same concept. But if this would take too long, attempt to join into school activities like an art class, or simply a place where normallypeople hang around (for example a library). Once there, if you see a suitable group, ask for permission to sit next to them. This would give you the opportunity to look at them a little closely and see if they are the right group or not. If you are interested in their conversation, try to join in and don't be too shy. Top off their responses with a little humor, or simply a natural smile.


This should be enough to help you start talking to people you like and want to know. But if anyone has suggestions of an edit, please comment down below, and don't forget about a suggestion for the next topic.

I wish all of you have a better time, whether it is night or day. Cya later Smiley Happy


Re: I am finally back! Also, a little more on confidence issues...

Hey @NightNadder23, it's great to see that you're back on the forums Smiley Happy

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Re: I am finally back! Also, a little more on confidence issues...

@NightNadder23 welcome back to RO Smiley Happy


Re: I am finally back! Also, a little more on confidence issues...

hey @NightNadder23 welcome back! i wasnt here when you were last logged in so its nice to meet you as well

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Re: I am finally back! Also, a little more on confidence issues...

Hey @NightNadder23! It's great to see you around again Smiley Happy I'm sorry I keep forgetting to reply to your post! I'm glad to hear that things have been going well for you, that is some wonderful advice you've shared. Thank you for posting it Smiley Happy