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I dont Maybe Life

hello there 

i haven't been on for a bit....... i have been pretty good lately, witch is good.... at the moment i am not doing the best...... 

at home i have my mum, her girlfriend and the girlfriends brother. i am liking it, i am just not doing the best because i think my mental health is not the best. 

1. i miss dozer, dozer is my dads dog 

2. i haven't seen my dad, and my dads side of family in a bit and i am kinda missing them. 

3. i really dont no why but i have been really angry, i just seem to getting angry at the smallest things... i really have no idea why thought. 

i have been getting angry at my homework, going in to year 11 next year and that is not really a good thing that i am getting angry at homework. if i cant do my homework i just pack it up and stop doing it for weeks. 

and that' all i can think of right now....

thank you 

Re: I dont Maybe Life

hi @Tdozer Heart it sounds like there are a few different things on your mind that you're concerned about at the moment which can definitely have an impact on your mental health.

Its good to hear that although you are not doing the best right now that you have been feeling good lately, feelings can be a bit of a ride like that!

I'm glad you're enjoying living with your mum, her girlfriend and the girlfriends brother its important to have those supports around! Do you ever talk about how you feel with them?

Is there anything that you already do or think you could do when you get angry to try distract or calm yourself?

Let us know how you're doing, always here for you Heart

Re: I dont Maybe Life

Hello @Tdozer, nice to see you around again! It's good to hear that you've been pretty good recently, but I'm sorry that things are tough right now. Thank you for letting us know how you're going, how do you feel after writing this out? I'm just also wondering if you're still seeing the school counsellor? Heart


You've got a lot going on, is there anything in particular that you would like to talk about right now?

Re: I dont know Maybe Life

Hello there 

I don’t know why but I don’t like talking to family about how I am felling. Maybe I could listen to music or watch movies. But sometimes that might not help 


Re: I dont Maybe Life

Hello there 

when I write things out it’s helps witch is good and yea I do sometimes but at the moment I’m on school holidays I have 2 months of. 

And not not really all my problems are in the message I wrote. 


Re: I dont know Maybe Life

@Tdozer that's totally understandable, there doesn't need to be a reason Smiley Happy i don't like talking to my family about my feelings either so i get where you're coming from

is there anyone that you do like talking to about your feelings?

music and movies are great distractions when you're feelings get to be a bit much to handle, when i get anxious or overwhelmed i either put on some music (always linkin park Smiley Tongue) and go for a walk outside or put on a movie, usually a rom-com or something that will make me cry and take my full attention both physically and emotionally

what music do you like to listen to? do you have a favourite movie that makes you laugh or smile?

if those don't work for you there's a massive thread full of distraction ideas here Smiley Happy

Re: I dont know Maybe Life

@linkinpark13  hello there

no not really 

i sent kids helpline an email the other day, got no response yet. 

i love wrap music its my fave 

fave movie thats a hard one i like alot of movies 

i like car movies and murder movies to 


Re: I dont know Maybe Life

Hey @Tdozer, I'm sorry you haven't had a response to your email to Kids Helpline as yet. Would you consider calling Kids Helpline on the phone? Their number is 1800 55 1800. Or possibly webchat?


Ooh, rap music. Who's your favourite artist? Heart