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I embarrassed a friend and messed up. Help

Hi I was at a party and I overshared an embarassing story about an event that involved me and a friend how it escalated to a misunderstanding with a group of people and work friend.


And have  may have embarrassed her in major way in the long run.


My brain says apologize and offer empathy. My soul says admit you were wrong and forgive yourself.


I did this twice at an event and an at social event.


Personally I feel like isolating myself due to like feeling obliterated by the awkwardness of my actions and mindlessness.


Please make me feel better and what should I say if I see this person I embarrassed in public place.


Milk has been spilt and I was wrong but I think this will come back to haunt me and grudges will grow enourmously.


RN I distant myself from the mistake but jeezus someone tell me how can I make it right ?


Atm I'm not seeing this person but hoping she won't catch me by chance .


I think I would faint out of shock if I saw her at  the d floor.

Re: I embarrassed a friend and messed up. Help

Hi @BunnyWalks,


I can hear how much this conversation has impacted your wellbeing these last few days- I want you to know that you are not alone and I know there are so many people who can relate to regretting something said in a social context (including me!) Heart


It sounds like this is something you have been thinking about a lot since the conversation. Mistakes happen in conversations and I know from our conversations how much thought you put into your social interactions. I really hope that you are both able to work through this Smiley Happy


You have mentioned a few different ways you might address this issue. What do you think is the best approach? Have you spoken to your friend about how she feels? Do you feel like talking to them and apologising would be helpful?


If you would like to have a chat about how you can start a conversation with your friend, we are happy to work through it with you Smiley Happy


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Re: I embarrassed a friend and messed up. Help

We're not on speaking terms and are distant in availability.

Last time I did something "bad" she forgave me but I think i need to ask her permission to forgive me.

I have trouble phrasing it , cause me man.

I saw this title " Women Can't Hear , What You Don't Say."

It sounds like I need to learn this relationship skills and embrace vulnerability.

I think I'll read that and see if that has answers.

Otherwise would a librarian be good point of contact to ask help for relationships.

I do know as both a business owner and friend, I always have to be learning and have take humility to reexamine my actions.