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I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

I've transferred over from college to uni as a pathway into 2nd year and I've found it a bit more tough than college and I feel getting worked up and sometimes more worried about being behind in notes, understanding things and the biggest, making friends! Similar to last year, I'm putting too much pressure on myself to make friends and because of that, I'm finding it difficult to feel confident and naturally say hi or start a conversation with someone, is this normal for a lot of Uni students?

It's quite frustrating going through scenarios in my head at times, thinking I could potentially add them on Facebook and hang out... I don't wanna be so hard on myself, I wanna enjoy University and I've heard this uni is a party Uni which is my kind of thing hahahaha.


Any advice, tips on how to put less pressure on myself making friends and potentially Uni work? At times, I can't stop thinking about Uni but it's not serious if I'm out and about seeing people or doing other things. Am I overreacting?


Anything would be greatly appreciated xx


btw, to anyone who has seen my last posts, since then, I've been on the mend from everything that'd gone on but have a hit a road block at the moment, however, I'm positive things will turn around when I least expect it to

Re: I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

Hey @gisforgreatgoodness !  I can see there is a lot going on that might be making things feel a little overwhelming! I can totally relate to feeling worked up about uni notes! In my experience, trying things like writing out a few goals at the start of each week, or making a list of tasks to do each day in a manageable timeframe has been really helpful. If you're feeling up to it, it might also be helpful for you Smiley Happy


I dont think you're overreacting at all! Heart It's okay to sometimes feel a little pressure. Do you have any group work or group assignments coming up? I feel like this is a great opportunity to meet and connect with people, especially because you have the shared interest of being in the same course. 


Let us know how you go Heart



Re: I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

Hey @gisforgreatgoodness  - first of all, well done on getting that transfer! Smiley Happy

Personally, I found it quite difficult to make friends at uni, and I know this has been the case for many other people.

I definitely DON'T think you're over-reacting. Your experience is valid and I hope that we can support you on the forums Smiley Happy

Have you joined any clubs at uni?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

I'm going to be following this post for advice too!
Making friends at uni is so hard. You see people for only few hours a week and its hard to connect in that time if you're talking about class only. I wish I had way more advice than what I'm about to give you because I don't really have uni friends either (probably not the best way to start of advice, haha). I'm quite a shy person and find it difficult to find the confidence to talk to people too.
- say hi - even in passing, or just a smile if you don't feel super confident. Ask about their weekend/ other classes that day. You could joke about something in the class, its still topic/class related but it eases the tension a bit and can lead to other topics.
- join a club or volunteer, uni's have heaps of opportunities like these, I started volunteering this year and its great!
- do you know anyone else who attends your uni? Even not in your course? Maybe ask them to hang out and then hang out with their uni friends and network from there? I know a lot of people who attend my uni but aren't in my discipline or attend the same days but its nice to know they are in the same boat Smiley Happy

In terms of uni work, I recommend making a to-do list (I'm a list person). Write everything down, it will look overwhelming but write it all down. Then sort it. Do you have to do readings before you start an assignment? Is there a high priority assessment coming up? Write it all down. I usually feel better when its all laid out in front of me instead of chaos in my head. Then whenever you have a spare moment or you're overwhelmed and don't know where to start, have a look the list and try to tick off a task or start it.

Another tip is to remember 5 mins is better than none. 5 mins of half-assed study is better than no study. So a little bit a day, just chipping away at it is better than nothing - at least its getting done!

Often when I'm doing an assignment or studying my mind wanders and I get sidetracked so recently I've started this sticky-note strategy. Either on a piece of paper or on my laptop as something comes to mind I write down so I don't forget it but then I go back to studying instead of getting up and doing it right then and ruining the momentum. And when I'm done with uni work, THEN I focus on the list. The list would look a bit like this (but much longer):
- remember test on fri
- call friend
- wash sheets today
- revise x topic

Check out what support your uni offers. Uni's have a lot of support from counsellors to tutoring groups to online courses or drop-in sessions but finding them is hard. Maybe dedicate a couple hours to digging through your uni websites to check out whats applicable to you.

This is way more than what I planned on writing but I hope it helps. Share some tips you know! All the best x

Re: I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

Hi @gisforgreatgoodness, very glad to see you back on the forums again. Smiley Happy


The others have already given fantastic advice. Just to add to the last bit, I don't believe you're overreacting. I found uni to be quite a stressful time, particularly with finding friends. There is so much pressure! From my experience, I didn't have many friends, and those that did I met at the uni's Christian group. Is there a hobby that you enjoy and your uni offers a group for?


I understand how frustrating this is, and I hope that you find a solution soon! Heart


(Just to let you know also, I edited out the name of the college and uni for privacy and anonymity reasons Smiley Happy)

Re: I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

I've tried doing a daily study schedule and they're working well but not the best for my assignment I've currently got going on. Yes, I've got seminar groups for 2 classes and I have gotten to know people but still I don't feel like I connect completely well because I've been behind in content, but not so much now which is great! I've gotten talking to quite a few people and it's interesting finding out about different people and all that.

Since putting this post up, I haven't been as hard on myself with things that have gone on.
Thank you so much for your advice x

Re: I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

Thank you so much! It was quite gruelling but exciting to be on track and getting closer to that dream career! I'm glad I'm not the only one finding it difficult to making friends but I feel a lot of people are in there groups and it's to step out of my comfort zone and talk to people (that sounds a bit a sad but I get nervy hahaha). Technically, I've joined a Tennis society thing but I haven't paid just yet because money is a bit of an issue but after next week it'll be set!

Re: I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

This is awesome to read and I'm quite shy as well (can't remember if I wrote that hahaha). I do know quite a few people that go to the same Uni but my schedule is different but I try and organise to catch up with em' as best as I can. I feel the exact same with approaching people but I'm wanting to start to go up to people who I may talk to in class but not outside, like even waiting to walk into class, just trying not to overthink too much. Hahahaha, I'd rather it'd be like this than over the top and cocky hahaha.
I've been starting to do daily schedule like I replied to above and similar to what you've been doing, writing things down on reminders either on my phone or on sticky notes and it's helped me so much not to stress and panic!
I have joined one society (still haven't paid though hahahaha) but I'm contemplating joining another but I'm not too sure as it's a music one and I play drums and trying to bring my electronic drum kit and amp that's falling apart makes it difficult, especially in a small Mazda ahahaha!

One other thing with the studying, if I have like a spare 10 minutes before Uni or tennis practise or if I'm going out, I'll do 10 minutes of studying or notes because you're 100% right that doing some study is so much better than none!

This has helped so much, you're amazing!
Thank you so much for all your help!

Re: I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

I'm glad to be back writing on here, have missed a bit actually!

Exactly right with pressure but I'm slowly getting used to the pressure and betting sorting out my time! I have made friends but I want to try to go up to people and say hi, from classes that I have with them and some I have talked to and all that but even outside class and waiting, it feels a bit awkward but I'm trying not to over think.
Yes, I have joined a society that's for tennis which is super exciting and considering joining another but I'm not sure on a few things with say moving a half-broken electronic drum kit and fitting that and an amp in the my small Mazda 2 hahaha.

Thank you for all your help, really appreciate it!

Re: I feel like I can't escape thinking about Uni, more so when I'm only behind in notes

Btw, I replied to each thing but I'm not sure if it's in order!


Apologies for the confusion