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I feel like a JERK

I wrote a post in de site called "Jerks clothes" (Well, was) but anyway, and i feel bad.

Cuz i realised i offended people, i really didn't mean to and yeah, i seriously hate when u write something and when people point out that u said something wrong, u feel really feel bad that u feel like u are the biggest jerk in the world.

I wasn't trying to be a meanie poo, idk, feel bad.

Please forgive me (those who read that post)!!!!!!!

Thanks and hope u guys understand!

Re: I feel like a JERK

Hey Doni,


I don't think anyone (including myself) replied to make you feel like a jerk - we're all about making people feel better, not worse Smiley Happy Sometimes when we say things we don't realize how it could affect people if they look at it from a different context. I know I've certainly said some things that've affected people in ways I didn't mean - it's just part and parcel of being human. That being said though, I think we all need to think about how others might interpret something before we post it online or say it in person - and that applies to not just here on RO but anywhere - Facebook, Twitter etc. Smiley Happy

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Re: I feel like a JERK

Hey Doni,

I've just read over the recent posts on that thread, and your response.

Remember that everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes it's these mistakes that help us to grow and develop as a person.

I understand how embaro it can be when you say something online then regret it, I've done that, and I've done it soo many times, including here on RO! I guess the main point is to apoligise if you think you've offended anyone, which you have, and try not to dwel on it. In my experience each time you post you grow that little bit more. Something I posted a few weeks ago may sound so immature to me now, but I've grown in those few short weeks. And I tell myself that when I posted it it felt right. And if it feels right when you posted it, if the information you had at the time was what you felt was right, then who is to tell you its wrong. I think a lot of the posts are really positive that You've gotten, and while it may have started out with you just making a comment, a discussion eventuated and it's alowed you to learn and grow that little bit more and clarify what you were trying to say. I think it's a great discussion to have here on RO, so thanks for starting it. Fashion (Spelling? :L) trends come and go, some not everyone likes, some are just plain bizzare or whatever compared to those previous, but hey, as stated in the previous thread, that life is too short to really care and spend time and energy focusing on and worrying about it. Smiley Happy I hope this has helped you feel a little better.

I'm pretty sure no one dislikes you because of it, and many people will see through it


(I thought I lost this post, Thank Goodnes for AutoSave drafts! Smiley Very Happy)


PS. Loki You beat me Smiley Tongue But I agree with what you've said, great post Smiley Happy

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