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I feel like nobody really wants to know me

Hello everyone who reads this,


As of recently, my personal life has been a mess. This really all started at the start of 2017 as I've moved to a new school. Though I do have people who talk to me, I never really hang out with them since they have their already established friendgroups and that I usually walk around with music playing and watching everyone enjoy their recess or lunch. To add to this, I have had a break up as I moved and it makes it worse. I do suffer from anxiety and depression and that also really effect my interactions at school, I've had the teachers always wonder why I haven't got friends and I just tell them "I just don't really connect to people well." and they usually leave me alone after that. I did go through 5 years of bullying both in primary and my former secondary school and I just feel like an outcast. 


Thanks for reading.

Re: I feel like nobody really wants to know me

Hey @Jeplar, thanks for sharing how you’re feeling. It sounds like you’re going through a difficult time and are feeling a bit isolated in your current situation, is that right? I hope we’re able to give you some support and a space to share how you’re feeling on the RO forums here.  


It’s always difficult when you move to a new place, whether it be a new city or new school, particularly if you’re also experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression. It also makes it difficult if we’ve had previous past experiences that weren’t so positive, so it’s totally understandable that you’re finding it tricky in your new school situation. I wanted to say that I think it’s a great sign of your self-awareness that you’re able to articulate how you’re feeling and why - this isn’t an easy skill, so great work! Smiley Happy Are you currently seeing someone about your anxiety and depression? 


What’s your favourite type of music to listen to? Smiley Happy Are there any groups at your school (e.g., clubs or things like that) that you might be able to try attending as a way of meeting people with similar interests?

Re: I feel like nobody really wants to know me

Hi @Jeplar

I'm sorry to hear you've been going through a tough time Smiley Sad 

How have you been feeling since the breakup? 

Do you do any after school activities? 

Please keep us updated! We're always here to talk Smiley Happy 


Re: I feel like nobody really wants to know me

I'm not really seeing someone for the depression and axiety.
I like to listen to rap music and there are no groups that are established,

Re: I feel like nobody really wants to know me

I've been felling quite depressed after it but it only occured recently and not when it happened.
No I don't but I would like to, some people say to come with them but I can't go.

Re: I feel like nobody really wants to know me

@Jeplar Does your current school have a counsellor or social worker that you could potentially chat to about this? Or is there someone you feel comfortable with at your school (e.g., a favourite teacher)? When I started a new school in Year 11 I found it helpful to go and speak with the counsellor/social worker for students, she told me it's quite common to experience difficulties when you start a new school and I found it helpful to talk to her about my feelings. I know it might not be the answer for you, but I thought I'd share my experience in case it's helpful.  


Who's your favourite rap artist? Smiley Happy I wonder if there might be some other people hiding at your school who also like rap! What sorts of after school activities are you interested in? They could be a great way to meet some other people with similar interests to you perhaps Smiley Happy I'm glad some people have asked you to come with them too, it sounds like they'd like to get to know you too Smiley Happy Is there an activity you could try attending with them?


As for the break up, it sounds like you're going through a tough time with it Smiley Sad it's funny how sometimes these things don't 'hit' us until later on, after the event has happened - is that how you feel in terms of your feelings of depression? 

Re: I feel like nobody really wants to know me

Hey @Jeplar, just wondering how you're doing? Have any of @rose13's suggestions been helpful? Smiley Happy

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Re: I feel like nobody really wants to know me

Yes, and I have talked to them recentky about fitting in, currently my favourite rap artist is Ivan B or Russ (can't really decide.) Theres really no after school programs I can go to. And with the deprssion, its a mic of both me feeling like I'm alone in school and from the break up and yes.

Re: I feel like nobody really wants to know me

I'm doing alright and yes they have.

Re: I feel like nobody really wants to know me

@Jeplar I'm glad you say you're doing alright and have been able to talk to someone at your school about things. How was that? Did you find it helpful? 


I'm quite new to ReachOut but I wonder if we might have some music-themed threads on here where you could chat with people about Ivan B or Russ or any other artists - This one's a bit old, so maybe we could start a new thread together and see if there are other people on here who like rap music (or any music!)? 


How are things going with the break up? It's never easy moving on from those situations Smiley Sad