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I got a new skateboard today

Just wanted to share that news because I’m pretty happy. After my last one went missing when I had a massive crash (which my face has all healed up now thankfully) I got a new skateboard. My youth support worker and the team there gave  me one today, they bought it for me, can you beleive that??

How good is that! So kind! I’ve been missing skating and getting to hang out with my friends who skate. So greatful! I am so happy with it, it’s so cool. Took it to the skatepark late this afternoon! Really really happy can’t thank them enough for it, I’m so stoked 




Re: I got a new skateboard today

Hey @Saltwaterdreamtime,


That is so nice of your youth support worker and their team! It's awesome that you'll be able to hang out and skate with your friends again!


Does the deck have a design to it? Or is it something you can customise?

Re: I got a new skateboard today

It’s got a cool design, I’m not home right now so can’t get a pic! Might be able find it online and show you. @Sunflower18 

Re: I got a new skateboard today

They must of bought all the seperates and put it together for me because I can’t find a complete of it online... even more the reason to be grateful for it. Seriously can’t beleive they did that for me, i didn’t want to take it said are you sure they said yeah we got it for you we thought the deck was so you. 

its not a cheap one either 

still so happy ED1D0633-9447-40A1-80AB-F12527BF6156.png


Re: I got a new skateboard today

thats great @saltwaterdreamtime enjoy!
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Re: I got a new skateboard today

@scared01 thanks

Re: I got a new skateboard today

@Saltwaterdreamtimethis thread is so wholesome and I love it! Glad you've been able to take it out for a skate already Smiley Happy Heart


I was about to tag you in our skateboarding thread and noticed you already posted in it last week! It hasn't had much love recently but would love to get it going again (for anyone reading, link is here Smiley Happy)

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Re: I got a new skateboard today

I love it @lokifish I’m so glad i got it

Re: I got a new skateboard today

Your skateboard looks awesome, @Saltwaterdreamtime! Have you had much of a chance to skate lately?