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I know it's time for some self care when...

Some of us on RO have pretty awesome regular self care routines, while others are developing skills in recognising why self care is useful and important, and figuring out how and when and what to do. 


I'm in the second boat - it's something I could definitely improve on. So I wanted to start this thread so that everyone can share some of the ways they identify when it's time to do some self care, and/or how they integrate self care into their regular schedules.


And I'll just steal all your ideas Smiley Wink




Re: I know it's time for some self care when...

I've got a foot in each boat. I've got things I use subconsciously for self-care (cartoons and RO and a little bit of music) but I am trying to learn more and figure out about how to use them.

Ways I think it's time for self-care or "Chill-time" as I call it, is when things get too much. Assignments due, exams the next day, general stress, pressure build up.
So before the pressure explodes, take a little time to myself and my cartoons to release some of that pressure.

And planning. Planning things out as a self-care strategy is a good one because the planning takes the pressure from one thing and breaks it into the tasks to makeit managable.

Re: I know it's time for some self care when...

I'm curious to see what other people's strategies are and how you know or implent them into your life. Smiley Happy

Re: I know it's time for some self care when...

This is a fantastic thread @Bay52VU!!! Thanks for creating it! All for sharing ideas so we can help others find what works for them! Smiley Very Happy

I am not sure I really know very well still when I need to drop everything and practice self-care...

I notice it when I am on here and reading through posts and getting stressed because I dont know how to reply.

I also notice it if I am spending a lot of time around other people and either getting irritable or withdrawing. Then I know I need to go and chill by myself for a little before returning.

But yeah, I too would love to see what others use as indicators.
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Re: I know it's time for some self care when...

Every time I come back to this thread I end up just watching the monkey Smiley Tongue

Thanks for sharing how you identify when it's a good time for chilling out or self care @N1ghtW1ng and @ClCl.


I think one indicator that I could use is when I start feeling guilty and stressed out over some work that I "should have" done, even though I'd been working pretty hard already.


Re: I know it's time for some self care when...

That's a good place to start @Bay52VU Smiley Happy

Re: I know it's time for some self care when...

Such a good idea for a thread @Bay52VU - thanks so much for starting it!


I generally tend to plan self-care in anticipation of stressful events, but there have been times when I've just kept going and going without giving myself a break. In those times, if I notice myself feeling foggy or mentally restless (like my thoughts are moving at 100km an hour in all directions), or when I wake up and already feel exhausted, then that's usually a sign that I need to slow down and myself some self-care.


Others can be more specific, like when certain thought patterns or behaviours happen that I know from experience are related to poor mental health. In those cases I'll usually do some self-care too. Not that it was easy at first - just identifying them as problematic could be a struggle, so it can take a few tries to get it right

Re: I know it's time for some self care when...

I like to practice self-care all the time, because i know that when I'm feeling a bit wound up, it's going to be hard to remember to do some self-care if it's not something my brain is already familiar with.


I can be a crankypants. I can get annoyed about something and find it hard to not think about whatever i am annoyed at. This also happens when I'm hungry which is known as being hangry Smiley Tongue. So i know when i get like that, that it's time to take a break and do something else, usually after i do that I can figure out whatever the issue is once i have achieved a state of chilled-outedness. 



Re: I know it's time for some self care when...

Ah! Self-care. One of the reasons why I'm sorta behind in my work now Smiley Tongue


But to be honest, I'm probably what you'd call an ambivert (neither extrovert nor introvert but a mixture of both). There are times when I'd feel better off by myself and other times when I'd deperately need the company of someone else. Clearly, snapchat is the way to go if I need something that borders on between Smiley Happy (Silly photos all the way!)


The self-care list would definitely not be complete without sleep! Works especially for me since I'm usually sleep-deprived so getting some rest definitely improves my mood and gives me a whole lot more energy. Even if it is a powernap....

OMG! I think I did it! My first gif!

Re: I know it's time for some self care when...

I know it's time for self care when I can't be bothered leaving the house to spend time with my good friends.