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I'm back

Hi so it's been a while since I last logged on, because I have been trying to improve my mental health. It has been ok and I'm coping a lot better with everyday life now that I'm speaking to my councillor more regualy  and I have shut our the negative/toxic people in my life. And my councillor has shown me my ups and downs are ok and that people will have ups and that's ok it's how we manage and cope in these times that is important and if we are struggling to seek help because  its him these difficult times and hardships that shape us into the person we are today. Sometimes all we have to do I take a step back, breathe and reevaluate the situation. I'm going into exams soon and that's something that scares me but I know I'll be ok because I have an amazing support network that will support me. And lastly you are imperfectly perfect you may have scars but it's ok you are still beautiful and when you see this you will never be scared to be alone because this is when you realize you are unstoppable and unbreakable. I hope everyone who is struggling gets the courage to have a conversation. You are all beautiful and until next time, have a good day. X

Re: I'm back

@Maryhadalittlelamb thank you for coming back and updating us Smiley Happy Glad to hear you're able to cope better now and that your counselor has been helpful Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: I'm back

Welcome back to ReachOut @Maryhadalittlelamb!

So good to hear that you've been working hard on trying to improve your mental health and are coping better. Exams can be a challenging time, but it sounds like with your support network you'll be okay with getting through them. I have found it can be really helpful to also do something to de-stress during exam periods like doing some exercise or relaxation. Do you think anything like that could be helpful for you?

Thanks for sharing Smiley Happy

Re: I'm back

Hi @Maryhadalittlelamb! It's great to hear from you again. Smiley Happy

It's great that you've been trying to improve your mental health! I'm glad that removing the toxic people from your life and seeing your counsellor have been helping you. Well done on making these positive contributions to your mental health! Smiley Happy

I think those are some wise words to live by. It can make you feel a lot happier seeing the positives in a situation Heart

Good luck in your upcoming exams! I know you'll do well. Smiley Happy

Re: I'm back

Thank you all for your support and encouragement your are all such beautiful  and kind people.  Thank you xx