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I’m retiring from ReachOut

Gday folks


Friendly Wednesday message to let you legends know I’ll be leaving ReachOut as a participant/user pretty soon. Apart from the fact that my 26th birthday is approaching next year, I’ve got a growing  family (yep 🤷🏽  👨‍👩‍👦‍👦) to focus on and my business is picking up with speed, to the point where I’m putting another staff member on to help me.


I feel really well supported by the people around me now and although things are really busy, I am starting to settle into what I want my life to look like. I’ll pop on for three positives, and I’ll try and do that every day, maybe every two days but apart from that, I’ll be off. 


It’s been unreal. After two accounts and 23,211 posts over 6.5 years, I’m officially handing in my resignation from this awesome space. The last 6.5 years has been huge for me, I can’t list the number of things RO has helped me get through.


Thanks to all the staff including some who aren’t on RO anymore, you’ve all been incredible, showing patience and support to me in some of my most difficult times, the work you do doesn’t go unappreciated, I hope that at the end of each and everyday you recognise that importance of the work you do. 


Thanks to all the users that make this space exactly what it is, a safe, supportive, diverse place where it is ok to not be ok, and the opportunity to hold someone’s else’s virtual hand if you are doing ok.



I didn’t use the space a lot in the last year or two, but with COVID things obviously got a bit tough.

But now, I feel confident enough to head out into this big wide world, maybe find a “grown up” forum to hang out in, or maybe not, I might manage just fine with what I have right now.


Can’t say thanks enough, and I’ll be around for the next few months just minimally and when the time is right I’ll log out for the last time.


Catch ya legends, keep that meme thread going for me please, don’t let it die!!


Re: I’m retiring from ReachOut

So sad to see you go @Saltwaterdreamtime but it is so exciting the new journey you are going on! All the best wishes and love to you and your family! Heart

Re: I’m retiring from ReachOut

@sunnygirl606  Thanks mate!  Pretty keen to spend some time doing this, we’ve made a start! 




Re: I’m retiring from ReachOut

Goodbye @Saltwaterdreamtime! You've made such a big contribution on here and will definitely be missed by a lot of people. I've really enjoyed chatting with you. Heart
I wish you the best of luck with your business and a happy early birthday. Smiley Happy I'm happy for you that you're growing your family and work is picking up again.


Re: I’m retiring from ReachOut

Aw no @Saltwaterdreamtime, it's such a shame to see that you will be leaving us soon. I just wanted to say thank you for your caring and thoughtful words. I am glad to hear that RO has supported you through some hard times. I also want to echo what WhatMySquishy said about you being a great contributor to the forums. I am sure that you have supported others through some hard times too, and that your caring and supportive words have helped to shape the community into the diverse and safe community that it is today. We will miss your stories and wish you and your family the best. I hope that you have some great times surfing and skating with your family Smiley Happy

Re: I’m retiring from ReachOut

@Sophia-RO It’s been epic, like I said I’ll stick around just a little over the next couple of months, could be completely offline or I could pop in and out, I’m not sure but it’s the beginning of the end haha, kinda has to happen! Thanks for everything.  

Re: I’m retiring from ReachOut

@WheresMySquishy Thank you so much, especially for the early birthday wish, my birthday is about 6 months away but I won’t be here for it at this point. Thanks for your contribution and good chats, good luck on your journey and happy modding, what an achievement and something you should be proud of. 

Re: I’m retiring from ReachOut

this is an amazing post. i'm still relatively new and it warms my heart when people post about their positive experiences Heart makes me even more excited to continue on RO


good luck with everything!!! it sounds like ur rocking it

Re: I’m retiring from ReachOut

I'll miss seeing you around the forums @Saltwaterdreamtime! I always loved your contributions. I'm so happy that ReachOut has made such a positive impact on your life Smiley Happy I wish you all the best for the future! Heart 

Re: I’m retiring from ReachOut

Oh man, it's been one hell of a journey @Saltwaterdreamtime. I'm so amazed at how far you've come, and how much further you'll continue to go in life. I look forward to occasionally seeing you around in the meantime Smiley Happy

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