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I’m sad and lonely

I’m sad and lonely I always revisit my day in my head what I did wrong what I could have done better Judging my every decision

I just feel extremely lonely and sad



Re: I’m sad and lonely

Hey @True21, Welcome to RO Smiley Happy
That sucks that your feeling so lonely Smiley Sad, it's a terrible emotion to feel.
I often revisit or analyse my day in my head at night and second guess myself. I've always done this and become used to it. Now I try and think of it as constructive criticism straight from my brain - What did I do wrong? How can I improve myself? What decision should I make next time? etc. etc. It's kind of trying to re-frame the negatives to positives. What do you think of it?

I'm wondering, does anyone know that you have been feeling sad and lonely? Maybe you could chat with friends or family about it? Smiley Happy Let us know how you go xx

Re: I’m sad and lonely

Hey @True21, and welcome to the forums. We're glad you're here. Smiley Happy

It sounds like you're experiencing some pretty heavy feelings right now.

Life can be tough enough without the judgements we put on ourselves, and I think you're brave for recognising your judgements and opening up.

I'm wondering if there are some activities/actions you could do when you notice these judgements - what are some things you enjoy, or that help you relax?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Smiley Happy

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