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I miss her but it feels like I'm just disturbing her.

I know my girlfriend is a very busy person since she’s the one managing their business now. It’s just that, I need some of her time too. Even 10 minutes of her time everyday is enough. I just want to know if she is doing fine. I just want her to show that she is loving me for real too. I also need actions and not just words. But everytime I ask for a little time from her, it feels like I’m only disturbing her. I don’t know why she’s like that. I’m not demanding anything from her but just that. Is that really hard to give?

Re: I miss her but it feels like I'm just disturbing her.

Hi @doubtmind24,

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It can be really hard to feel like you don't have enough time with the person that you love, particularly when they are busy doing other things. Has she been busy with work lately?


I'm hearing that you would like more time to see your girlfriend, is this right? Is this something you feel you can speak to her about?


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Re: I miss her but it feels like I'm just disturbing her.

Hi @doubtmind24


I understand your frustrating, I was in your situation as well. She was working and I just wanted to spend some time with her but in the end she broke it off because I was over bearing. Managing a business takes a lot out of you and your girlfriend might just want some time to herself. As selfish as that is we do what we got to do so we don't fall apart. Maybe you are disturbing her when you're asking for what precious time she has to herself? You don't know and I don't know so that is why you have to ask to sit down with you and have a talk. Ask her when she's free, hopefully a weekend and you just need to get everything out in the open. Talk to her about what you're feeling because she wouldn't know what you're feeling. And one more thing, although you might not think it's demanding, she might think it is so you never know.

Re: I miss her but it feels like I'm just disturbing her.

Hi @ doubtmind24, you should first understand that because of her work, it might be a little bit difficult to give the attention you want. You ask for a little attention, it's understandable, but at the moment it can be difficult for your girlfriend. You should also observe if this is the way she is, a shy girl, or if it started because she is alone taking care of the business, if it is because of that it definitly does not mean she does not love you. You should call her and have a serious talk. Tell her what is bothering you and if you can find a solution, a message, a shopping or a free day with her in order to you two be together.

Re: I miss her but it feels like I'm just disturbing her.

Hi @Janayna welcome to ReachOut and thanks for your response and support! This thread is a bit older now going back a few months. I'm going to send you an email so please keep a look out Smiley Happy