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I missed out on the Getting Real session, and didn't want to be left out!

I was out playing touch, and missed the GR session, but I still want to join in, so I'm just going to do it here!


Why do you think alcohol is so popular? What effect does alcohol have on the body and mind? I think it loosens people up. Its definitely a social lubricant. There are so many times, I wouldn't have had the courage to do the things I did, and the relationships I made because of them, were lots of fun.


when was the first time you experienced the drinking of alcohol? What were your thoughts then? (Your experience or someone else's) I'm pretty sure, it was at a teachers party. My mum was a teacher, so we went to the parties, and played with all the other kids. But occasionally we would brave the adults and their fun, and I always thought they were having so much fun.


My first time drinking was when I was very young. Me and some friends went camping and one of our friends lived in a pub, so he stole some alcohol. We drank a lot. At one stage I thought my friend was going to die, but I was too drunk to care, and just laughed instead. We had a few more little camping trips like that one.


Drinking with friends can be a lot of fun – but sometimes it can get to a point where things go a little too far. What are the positives and negatives of drinking alcohol? I think I've touched on some of the positives, a definite negative is that some people can't hold their form when they get drunk. I like to think I'm a good drunk, I don't do anything stupid, or start fights, I just like to have a good time. But some people lose their stuff. They start arguing, or drink so much that they get alcohol poisoning, and make very bad decisions, especially sexual ones. Some people drive when they are drunk, and I can't say I haven't done it, but its really dangerous, and very often innocent people end up dead. In a small community where I'm from, this affects the whole town, but it doesn't stop people from doing it. One night I drove 50km home on a 110km/hr road and I only went 40km an hour, but still. I should have just slept in my car, and thankfully, I see my younger friends doing that these days.


What does 'responsible drinking

' mean to you? What does it look like? This is a tricky one to answer. I think it varies person to person. Some people can drink a lot, and get very drunk, and do it 3 nights a week their whole life, and never get into trouble. Some people will get into trouble everytime they have one drink, because it undoubtedly leads to the 2nd, 3rd, etc. I tend to think, that the people doing stupid things when they are drunk, are looking to do it when they are sober, but need a good excuse, and being drunk gives them an excuse. As long as people are still standing, responsive, and not doing anything completely stupid, I think they are drinking responsibly.


What is one of your best times whilst drinking? This is a tricky one, since there have been so many. But I'm going to go with the most recent one. Last year I went to the UK with my dad, and my sister lives there. She was the stage manager at the Larmer Tree festival, and got us free tickets, and I slept on site in the tent with her. I drank a lot of cider, and a lot of gin, thursday night, friday night, AND saturday night. It culminated on saturday night, when all the other stages had closed down, and I had had a really great night, watching bands, talking to musicians back-stage, and dancing at Club Larmer. My sisters stage, The Social, was the only place still open at 2am. Her friend billy was DJing 90's music, along with MC Enya (my sister) and they were just plugging in a little 3.5mm jack into their mac books, and playing tunes, taking the jack out of one computer to put into the other to change songs. The place was going off. It was packed and everyone was dancing, and drunk and having a great time. I went up to my sister, who I had hardly seen all day since she was busy working. I stood in the DJ booth, and high fived my sister a lot when she said something funny through the PA. I asked her if I could play a track, and searched through my phone. I had Kriss Kross "Jump" and my sister was so excited, and wanted to play it. So they plugged the jack into my phone, and I got to play a song. It was the coolest thing ever. The next day I was a mess, bawling my eyes out, and ringing my dad to come get me and take me back to the hotel, but it was worth every drop.


Re: I missed out on the Getting Real session, and didn't want to be left out!

Haha great to see you so enthusiastic to participate in the session. "Social lubricant" is the exact same term some of my friends and I use in describing alcohol.


Re: I missed out on the Getting Real session, and didn't want to be left out!

AWESOME! Love that you posted this!!! Thanks so much for sharing yr stories.

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Re: I missed out on the Getting Real session, and didn't want to be left out!

I missed out on the relationship conversation, so I wanted to say something about it.


According to Haley 1 in 3 women will experience violence in a relationship, and by that logic 1 in 3 men will perpertrate violence against their partners. That means that in my extended family alone, of the 9 women 3 of them are the victims of a reported physical abuse, and not only that but supposedly more of the remaining 6 unreportedly. As well, of the 12 males, 4 of them have been reported for physically hitting their partners, and of the remaining 8 a few have gotten away with it without being reported?


This is simply not true, and it is not true for any family that I know.


Perhaps, the socio-economic demographic slants the statistics? If this is the case, then in the worse suburbs in Australia it would have to be almost all of the men physically abusing the women.


But I will partake in some anecdotal statistics about men being abused in relationships. Men that are controlled by women. Men that leave their entire social circle behind, to be by the side of someone that they profess to love. To have their personality adjusted to better fit what their partners wish them to be. I see this all too often, and it makes me sick.


If you want to test my spin on gender issues, answer yourself truthfully this one question. Who would you trust a small child to look after, if only for a few minutes. Both strangers, one a woman the other a man. If you had to choose, who would you pick as being the safer option for your small child?


Society has made us view men as the enemy, when these men are also your brothers, your fathers, your grandfathers, and your future sons. What kind of society would you wish for your future son? And what kind of lover would you wish for your future son?