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I need advice... about going on a date…

Hey! So I’m new here, and as my first post thing I’m going to ask for some advice.


So basically, the person I have been crushing on for over a year told me that they like me, and they asked me on a date. So! We’re going on a date on the 2nd of February. And I am freaking out. Any advice? I will take whatever you could give me, things to talk about, how to dress, anything!


I’m really worried because when they first found out I liked them, they didn’t react very well. And now it just feels so surreal! What if they stop liking me after this date? So yeah, I just need a bunch of advice.


Thanks in advance!

Re: I need advice... about going on a date…

Hey @Lilac1060 welcome to ReachOut! That's really exciting for you! Dates can be super nerve wracking so it's totally normal that you're feeling freaked out about it Smiley Happy

Everyone says it and it sounds a bit cheesy but I think the best advice is really to try to be yourself. If you and this person continue hanging out in the future they'll stick around because they've gotten to know you and like you for who you are Smiley Very Happy Do you know what you're doing for the date yet?

Re: I need advice... about going on a date…

@May_, O have no clue yet, she’s organising it all so I may not know until the day.

Re: I need advice... about going on a date…

@Lilac1060 that sounds very cute and spontaneous Smiley Happy

I personally really like meditating regularly (I like the 'headspace' app) if I know I've got something stressful coming up in the future. What are some strategies you think would work for you leading up to the date that could help you to feel more relaxed about it?