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Re: I need help again

Hey @Vivian13, thanks for reaching out to the forums for support. I hope we can be of some assistance for you Smiley Happy


It sounds like it would be really frustrating to have everyone in your life treat you like a child and tell you that you make bad decisions. I'm curious about why they might think that about you, and I'm wondering if you've ever tried to talk to them about how their behaviour makes you feel, can you tell me more about that? Smiley Happy 

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Re: I need help again

I have told them that it bothers me but they just wont stop. And they do it
because Ive had some things happen to me and they think i cant cope with it.

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Re: I need help again

Hey @Vivian13,


It sounds like the people in your life care about you and are just trying to help even though you don't feel like they are. If you don't mind me asking, what were the things that lead to everyone treating you like this? 

Re: I need help again

i dont really like to talk about it thinking about just makes it feel
harder to cope.

Re: I need help again

That's completely okay. There's no pressure at all.


Do you have any self care strategies that you use when you are feeling like you aren't coping well?

Re: I need help again

No not really

// When love is real it finds a way. //

Re: I need help again

Hey @Vivian13 


I'm glad you've come here to vent your frustration around people treating you like a child. It feels good to be trusted to make good decisions and it's fair that you'd like that from your loved ones. I've noticed that you've said you don't really have some self care tools to assist you when you're feeling this way. 


There's an article here I thought you might like to read. It's got some pointers on ways to look after yourself. We can't always control how other people treat us, but we can make choices about how we treat ourselves Heart 


Re: I need help again

Hi @Vivian13! How are you going? I'm sorry about all the problems you've been having with people being overprotective of you. This can feel so overwhelming and overbearing. Smiley Sad

If you're in need of additional self care strategies, there is a really great thread full of ideas over here.

I'm here for you if you want to talk about it some more, or anything at all. Heart


Re: I need help again

Hey @Vivian13, How has everything been going for you?