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I need to do something about my constant headaches

For as long as I can remember I have been extremely headache-prone. I think I’ve had a headache every other day of my life by now. And for the past half year or so, I’ve had constant headaches pretty much every single day. Sometimes it’s only minor and not a problem, but other times, it’s a serious headache. I can take ibuprofen pills for it but that doesn’t always get rid of it, sometimes it will come back just as strong as it was before. Because of these headaches there are some things I can’t do; I haven’t had any alcohol since the problem started, but I understand that that’s probably for the best, but it also means I sometimes can’t do exercise like use the trampoline. Whenever I have a headache my neck is always sore as well; the two always go hand in hand. I’ve tried telling Mum to take me to the doctor and get it looked at to see what the problem is, but she won’t let me see a doctor and keeps making excuses for it, like I just need to go outside more or eat more healthy. But I’m not that unhealthy, I’m trying to be better but that’s a story for another time, and I shouldn’t be getting headaches first thing when I wake up. I’ve even gotten glasses for when I read or use screens that I always wear to reduce squinting, and still I get headaches. My sister says it must be from stress, which would be a real problem for me because I am a nervous wreck who worries all the time and have frequently been in stressful situations, so it’s no wonder. Should I go to the doctor and get an X-Ray or something to help? Mum won’t take me so whatever i should do I’ll have to do it myself. I just can’t keep living with these headaches for the rest of my life, I just want it to stop.

Re: I need to do something about my constant headaches

Hey @Bento 


That sounds really frustrating and limiting for you. It definitely sounds like something you should speak in more detail with a GP - I'm sorry to hear it has been hard for you to get your mums attention on the matter. Is going to the doctor on your own something you feel comfortable doing? Also do you have access to a medicare card? Hope you're feeling okay right now Heart 



Re: I need to do something about my constant headaches

Hi @Bento!

Constant headaches are such a pain. It sounds like they're really taking over your life. Smiley Sad I'm starting to get them more often too. I know some people who have had really debilitating headaches and migraines. It's not fun at all and it can feel like other people don't understand it.

I think seeing a doctor can be a good idea because they might be able to give you some insight into what could be causing the headaches. Have you also had your sight assessed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist? I'm just asking because my ophthalmologist told me that headaches, especially when reading, could be a sign that my glasses prescription is too strong. I also have chronic sinus and allergy-like symptoms which I think could be tied into my headaches. I've had to have scans for it in the past. Sometimes, I get deep pains in and near my eyes, which I think is related to this problem.

I think keeping a diary of your headaches could be useful when seeing a doctor because they may ask things like where you have pain and about the frequency and timing of the headaches. I know that some people get triggered by certain things, so it could also be useful in identifying things that are correlated with the headaches. Here are some useful resources for this but there are a lot of different templates out there. There are also a lot of apps which can help with tracking your headaches. Here are some examples on the Google Play Store.
You could also keep a physical diary of the activities you've done during the week to see if there is a pattern to your headaches and if there is anything that makes them better or worse.

Are there any GP services available at the college you go to? On-campus services could be worth a try if your mum doesn't want to take you to the doctor.

Re: I need to do something about my constant headaches

I took an eye examination when I got my glasses not too long ago, and I don’t think there’s an issue with the glasses. I’m not studying at the moment so I would have to go somewhere else. Could I go to a pharmacist and ask for some medication? Though I’m not sure if I’d need my doctor to prescribe some to me first. I’m sorry if this isn’t normally what we’re supposed to discuss, but I don’t know where else to turn to.

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Re: I need to do something about my constant headaches

@Bento headaches suck..

You can ask your pharmacist about non-prescription medicines and they may be able to help, but otherwise I think you will need to see a doctor..

Re: I need to do something about my constant headaches

@Bento  I think it depends on which pharmacist you go to. Some might be better with reviewing your medications than others, so it might be a good idea to look around online for information about this in your local area. If you also get pain in your neck, a physiotherapist might also be able to provide some suggestions and things that might help.

If you are having a particularly bad episode, is there any way you could get to a hospital? They can do some scans and tests to try and find the cause.

Re: I need to do something about my constant headaches

Hi @Bento,


Living with ongoing headaches can be a really painful, frustrating and exhausting experience- as a fellow chronic headache sufferer, I can really relate to what you are going through Heart


For me, the first step to understanding and managing the pain was to seek medical support, and I would really highly recommend seeing a GP or doctor for a check up. Pain management is an important part of wellbeing, and your doctor will be able to work on a treatment plan to manage or reduce the headaches depending on the cause Smiley Happy


No one deserves to live in pain, and there are definitely a ton of options available to headache survivors Heart With the right support and treatment, it can get better!


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Re: I need to do something about my constant headaches

Thank you for your support. Today I bought some sleepy time tea that I will try to help me sleep better. Lately I've been getting to sleep at around 11-12pm because I'm usually up on my phone, which I know is a bad habit and I would like to try and break it. I hear lavender oil is also good for headaches, so I will try and get some lavender essential oil. This is until I get to see a doctor about it. I don't know if I can convince mum because she'll probably keep saying no, and she doesn't like me going behind her back to do things. So I don't know how I'm gonna be able to see a doctor about this.

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Re: I need to do something about my constant headaches

@Bento  hopefully the sleepy time tea helps! I know there are a lot of tea fans here on the forums Smiley Happy


If you haven't already, you can also change your iPhone settings so that it goes into "night shift" mode once it gets dark. It reduces the amount of blue light emitted by your phone, which is linked to the release of sleep hormones Smiley Happy


In terms of seeing a doctor, it can be hard when parents aren't supportive Smiley Sad is there another person who might be willing to talk to her about it, like dad, an aunty or uncle, or a parent of a friend? Sadly, sometimes parents are more likely to take other adults seriously - as opposed to their kids 😕


Also, do you happen to have your own Medicare card?

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Re: I need to do something about my constant headaches

Today I texted my Dad asking if he can help me see a doctor, and he’s gonna look at one near his work for me. But I also need to spend more time outside and not locked up indoors. I’ve gotten some chamomile tea as well since I read that it helps headaches. Today I had a mild headache and after going out for a little bit with my mum and sister I head a tea and had a nap to sleep my headache off, but now it’s gotten worse.