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I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)

Just had a really bad day and sick of feeling alone. Wondering if anyone is in the same boat 🚣?


Re: I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)

Hi @Hungryturtle22,

I’m sorry to hear yesterday was a difficult day for you Heart Do you want to tell us a little bit more about what was happening yesterday?


That feeling of being lonely all the time can be really painful Smiley Sad I hope you know that here there will always be people to listen, relate and offer support Heart


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Re: I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)

hello @Hungryturtle22
would you like to talk about what happening yesterday?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)

Well it was my parent's marriage anniversary and I don't have parents anymore, my sister is pushing me away yet trying to control Who I see, what I do and instead of her talking to me herself she drags someone else in and makes it seem as if I am doing something bad (like something that puts my safety at risk) resulting in me feeling trapped. 


Also had work yesterday and it was crap. But that happens.

Re: I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)

I am sorry to hear @Hungryturtle22, it must have been a difficult and distressing day for you. It sounds as though your sister can be difficult to be around at times and contributes to you feeling lonely. Have you ever talked to her about how you feel about her behaviour? Sometimes people don't realise how they are acting or they think they are looking out for us. Is there anyone who supports you when you feel lonely and trapped? If you ever need to vent, eheadspace and Kids Help Line is available and we are here to listen too Smiley Happy


How have you been looking out for yourself with everything that has been going on? Heart

Re: I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)

oh dear thats quite alot and sounds really challanging @Hungryturtle22.
have you thought about talking to her and letting her know how her actions are affecting you?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)


Yeah, I spoke to her about it and even though it has been a couple months, my sister continues this behaviour. @Taylor-RO How I have been caring for myself? Well, I have been struggling for a while and previously have self-harmed (Which was how I dealt with things) however now I am trying to stop so usually I go for a lot of showers just to get out of bed and trying to talk to people even if it feels impossible. 


So yeah I am trying. w


Re: I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)

Hey @Hungryturtle22, i'm really sorry to hear that your sister hasn't changed her behaviour, even after you explained how it's making you feel Smiley Sad that seems beyond frustrating..
it's really brave of you though to try and stop self-harming, and it sounds like you're trying out some ways of distracting yourself/ keeping yourself going, was that right? Do you know if there's anything else you enjoy doing that can help you keep your mind off of it? 
You mentioned talking to some people, which is awesome, even though you seem to find it a bit hard at the moment. Do you know if there's anyone in your life who you could have a chat to about what's going on?

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Re: I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)

Yeah, I try to distract myself often and try not to think about it at all. The other things I try is I usually draw or write down Pinterest quotes (I cannot draw lol). In regards to your inquiry as to if there is anyone else I could talk to, unfortunately, I see a psychologist person, however, I have not spoken to her out of concern that she will want to put me in hospital once she hears about how I have been struggling to get up out of bed, not to self-harm and possible alarming thoughts. 


I have been down this road before so I am aware that the situation I am in does look really bad from a professionals Point of view, however, I believe that if I stop trying to be normal and go to hospital, I think I will break down and I am concerned I will not be able to get better. After a couple years of constant traps that I keep falling into, I think I am sick of it.


Sorry, that is a lot of words lol. I really hope it makes sense

Re: I've had a really bad day (anyone else?)

I'm sorry to read this @Hungryturtle22. It would take a lot of energy and effort to "try to be normal" when you're going through what you are. I know right now you may not feel comfortable with talking to your psychologist about what's been going on but I would really encourage it. I 100% acknowledge though that this would be a really daunting thing to do, especially as you're concerned about going to hospital  Heart but your psychologist is trained in assessing your risk and while you've been having these thoughts, it also sounds like you've been doing really well so far in keeping safe through your distraction techniques. So the psychologist would take all of that into account when thinking of how to best support you through this... 


Alternatively, have you ever had a chat about any of this to any of the helpline services???