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I want to say I Love You to her

Hey RO

So I'm in a relationship with a girl currently and things so far have been great, even though it hasn't been very, I'd say about 2 1/2 weeks so far. I'm 16 by the way and she's 17 (Only 6 months apart)

She has said she has become really comfprtable with me, more than she has with anyone else before her. She has said she wanted to sing for me and she has said in the past that she is even scared to sing for her family and I have found her company so uplifting for my mood and I just find her so amazing and beautiful.

I find her so special compared to other girls I have dated and I want to be with her every minute of the day, but I can't. She lives in Canberra and I'm in Sydney but we have been able to visit each other reasonably frequently. I feel so attached to her and I find her so amazing that I think I'm falling for her. I have been so tempted to tell her multiple times but I'm scared of her reaction. Part of me is also scared that she might be in the same boat as me, afraid to say something and that we'll go on and on worrying.

I don't know whether I should tell her or if I should wait for some more time to pass. My last relationship, the girl said she had fallen for me a few days into the relationship and kept saying it for a while until we broke up and I don't know whether that is influencing me or not. I do believe my feelings are legitimate and not just something else that I am mistaking for love.

So RO, am I being stupid in saying I've fallen for a girl after a few weeks into a relationship and should I wait a bit longer before confessing my feelings for both our sake's?

I can give more info if it's needed

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

Hey there drhalloween,


That's awesome! It's wonderful that you have found someone that you feel comfortable with and that you find her so amazing! I honestly don't think that it's stupid that you've fallen for her after some weeks. Feeling confused and anxious about expressing your feelings is somewhere I've been, so you're not alone.  It can pretty hard to wear your heart on your sleeve and not know whether it's mutual. I can't say whether you should wait it out or go for it. Everyone's at all kinds of different emotional stages in relationships. It's really up to you. 


Just some things to consider: what do you love about her? I believe that thinking about what makes your relationship work and why, what you have in common and what differences you have, as well as what you value in it, can tell us a lot of what we feel. 


Love can take us many places, take great risks and can truly bring out the best in us Smiley Happy


Good luck!


Stay excellent

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

Hey @Myvo

I just love everything about her
She's beautiful
She's funny
We have a similar sense of humor
She's mature
I love talking to her whenever I can
I love when we cuddle and fall asleep together
I love how she accepts me and is comfortable with me and she feels special and wanted
We can joke about anything and make each other laugh until our sides hurt
I also love that she cares about me and her affection towrads me, whether it's mutual or whether I'm just a bit deeper in than her
I think we have both been in bad places and can talk to each other about it without judgement
We are different in a few ways but nothing major, everyone is different aren't they?
I value that we are our own people as well as being together and I respect her in that way
Those are just a few things about her that I love Smiley Tongue

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

@drhalloween That's a great start! 

I think that if you feel that you're ready in expressing how you feel, then you should. It's better than keeping it all in. Communicating openly with each other is pretty important in a relationship, meaning that there's less fuss and misunderstandings. There are many ways that could try and see if she feels the same way. You could write a small note, a card or a poem to begin and take things from there. Tell us how you go!

Stay excellent

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

Hey @drhalloween 

Congratulations on finding such a lovely girl and making it work!

Relationships can be so complicated sometimes so its always to lovely to hear about relationships that are full of love and support.

If you want to tell her you love her, then i think its a great idea to express how you feel. Take it slow though :-) (thats my adivse as a girl). Its so special to hear those words so maybe write her a note or even give her the list you wrote on RO its a lovely dedication to your realtionship.

Im very happy for you, let me know how it goes - valentines day is only a few weeks away as well! 


I look forward to hearing from you

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

I'm 50 and I would love to be in your shoes. By the sound of it you feel it and you know it's the truth. And I felt it at your age also. I would be truthful with her, don't plan it, don't beat yourself up about it. You'll know when moment is right, so yes tell her soon,(if you haven't already). The truth is always the best option. Best wishes.

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

Hey @drhalloween 

Your feelings towards your girlfriend sound very genuine and beautiful. The way you are just talking about her shows that she does mean alot to you even though you have known eachother only for a short period of time. People tend to experience emotions differently, they could be know eachother for 2 years until they feel completly connected or 2 weeks, so don't feel by any means silly about your feelings. It is amazing that you are able to feel the greatest things in the world.... love.


You meantioned how you live in Sydney and her in Canberra but still make time to see eachother, that is very important and shows the dedication both of you have in the relationship. 

You should defintely tell her how you feel, as a girl myself little gestures and meaningful things you do will show you care a great deal for her. When the time is right and you feel 110% ready to tell her you love her, you should go for it!!! Never hide your feelings, its better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all (Alfred Lord Tennyson).

Perhaps make it at a time you both feel ready to hear it so you don't scare eachother away.


All the best and please let us know how you go with everything, she's a very lucky girl to have someone as sweet and thoughtful as you in her life Smiley Happy 

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

Hey @drhalloween ,

That so beautiful hear about your new relationship! You show so much compassion for your girlfriend and I really admire that about you.

In this situation, I think its really up to you  and how comfortable you feel to open up about your feelings towards her. If it feels right and the vibe at the moment is comfortable, tell her how you feel for sure!
I think its important to remember that each relationship you have is different and even though its easy to remember all the faults in the past, its also important to keep true to yourself and when you feel its time to say those three beautiful words go  for it Smiley Happy

I'm a hopeless romantic, and I'm pretty sure it had only been 2 weeks into my relationship with my partner that we said "I love you" and now he's stuck with me (hehehehe).



" Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

Your message actually really touched me Smiley Tongue thank you
I recently saw her again, just for a night and we went out for dinner and then back to her hotel room.
I kinda want to do something for her at the time. I'm always thinking about new things to do for her. I don't try to, I just think of something and go "Hey! That'd be nice!"
For Valentine's Day I'm making her a special card with lyrics from her favorite band (Mayday Parade) on the cover and a message from me inside.
I might end up asking then to be honest, not that I'm planning it but knowing me, it would be then. However, I always get ridiculously nervous and bail out :/
We have a talked a lot and I see all these little signs that I keep reading as strong feelings e.g. last time we Skyped, she cried after the call ended and hugged her pillow. While it's sad when someone cries, especially someone I love (Wow, just saying it makes me feel good) but I can't help feel flattered and curious as to her feelings that it got to the point where she was sobbing into her pillow over me :/

Re: I want to say I Love You to her

I'm glad I could help  @drhalloween  i love your gift idea for valentines day so thoughtful!! Hope you have a great day, you might even suprise yourself and say something in the spur of the moment and not be nervous. Smiley Happy